Everquest II Darkness Dawns Press Preview

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Editor

Earlier this week I got in on an exclusive press tour of the Everquest II Darkness Dawns update which is due out today. There has already been a Producer’s Letter and a Follow up on it but we got to take a deeper look at everything on offer.

 Everquest II Drakelands

Fabled Dungeons

One of the major highlights in Darkness Dawns is new higher level versions of dungeons from the first expansion are introduced with all new loot tables to meet the higher levels required to complete the new fabled dungeons. The dungeons available include:


Scornfeather Roost

Pedestal of Sky

Clefts of Rujark

The Djinn Master’s Prism


Why were these chosen while others weren’t? These are simply the best and favorite from the early years.

 Everquest II New Templates

Character Advancement Templates

Players will be able to build and save templates for spending alternate ability and prestige ability points. With this 3 profiles will be available on your character and an unlimited amount on your hard drive. Don’t worry though, previous alternate advancements won’t disappear. Mirrors will allow for profile saving so they can be loaded into the new system.


Daily Objectives

Loyalty Point Tokens can now be earned by completing daily tasks. These tasks are all simple things that are usually done just by playing normally. Completing two tasks will reward a token. These tokens can be traded for unique items. Tracking these tasks is account wide, so players won’t have to worry about logging every character in every day for the reward. They are tracked at the top of the quest journal and don’t take up any journal slots so tracking these objectives is neat and easy.


Personal Depots

New personal depots have now been added. Players will have access to the following new depots:






Food and Drink

Poison and Potion

Harvesting depots

 Everquest II Avatar Lineup

Arena of the Gods

In the Arena of the Gods, 24 players go up against one of the 9 avatars in the game which includes the three new contested avatars which have been made available with this update. There is a lockout on rewards but you’re free to practice as much as you like.


PvP Rewards

PvP rewards have been given a reworking along with the introduction of new rewards. Players will find rewards are significantly cheaper than previous prices making them more accessible. There are also new armors available for purchase which will reflect the new prices.

 Everquest II Solusek

Today the servers are expected to be down for four hours while all these amazing new changes are put into place. And this really is just the surface of what Everquest II is bringing today. And none of this has even mentioned the overhanging story which continues to expand with each update. Later today players will get to dive into Darkness Dawns for themselves. Until then, all there is to do is wait and read more articles.

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