Former 49Games Heads Jan-Hendrik Ohl and Peter Cukierski Establish Hexagon Game Labs


Newly-established Hexagon Game Labs GmbH ( is an independent game development studio and publisher specializing in the design of platform-independent, free-to-play online games (F2P games). The Hamburg-based start-up was founded by Jan-Hendrik Ohl and Peter Cukierski, who are now returning with their new game studio a year and a half after the take-over of their 49Games development team by Bigpoint. With the proprietary HTML5-based “Ubique Game Engine”, Hexagon Game Labs is set to revolutionize the F2P market.


A multi-device game title for tablets, smartphones, PCs, gaming consoles and smart TVs based on this proprietary engine is currently under development. In keeping with the company’s philosophy, the F2P game will be playable on any device with any commonly used browser. By employing cloud technology, the platform can be changed at any time during a session without interrupting gameplay. With a loading time of less than two seconds* irrespective of the platform used, the fun can begin instantly. Plug-ins and downloads are now a thing of the past.


Hexagon Game Labs GmbH is built on a lean corporate structure, an efficient game engineering process and international development partners. Vying to advance their ambitious expansion plans, the two founders intend to convince additional investors of the merits of their pioneering HTML5 technology and F2P games. At present, the company is fully independent and self-financed.


Jan-Hendrik Ohl, founder and CEO of Hexagon Game Labs, describes the new development studio’s philosophy: “With Hexagon Game Labs, our mission is to leverage the idea of a flexible and barrier-free, multi-device usage of modern F2P games. Thanks to our revolutionary ‘Ubique Game Engine,’ platform-independent premium games have now become a reality. Our games will convince players through their ability to transition seamlessly between different gaming devices, and revolutionize the way we look at cross-platform gaming.”


By establishing the game development company, “49Games Softwareentwicklung und -publishing mbH”, and his work as the firm’s managing director, Jan-Hendrik Ohl has already proven his expertise and profound knowledge of the games industry. Ohl and his long-time companion, Peter Cukierski, Hexagon Game Labs co-founder and CGO, are currently working on the ongoing development of their proprietary engine and their first, as-yet unannounced, game project.


With 18 years of games industry experience under his belt, Cukierski had a decisive role in shaping the fate of 49Games in his former position as Executive Producer. Between 2004 and 2012, the design team at 49Games successfully developed and brought to market more than 20 games for PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Wii and Xbox 360. Following the take-over by Bigpoint, Peter Cukierski joined the 49Games development team in the move to the Hamburg-based online game giant and as Senior Producer went on to engineer cutting-edge online games and technologies for the booming free-to-play games market.


*2 seconds equivalent to loading an Internet page containing 500kB

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