Guns of Icarus Adventure Mode Reaches Final Day of Kickstarter

Guns of Icarus Kickstarter Final Day

At the time of posting this, there’s roughly 14 hours remaining in Muse Games Kickstarter focused on expanding the core gameplay of Guns of Icarus Online, a steampunk styled multiplayer airship PvP battler with a heavy emphasis on teamwork, into offering additional PvE focused content and a much larger persistent world to compliment it. Muse Games offered the following in thanks of the support that successfully funded the campaign:


We pushed over our threshold funding target in the first month of the campaign, and since then it’s been the long, steady ascent toward our stretch goals, like skywhales. We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who’s backed us so far for your continued faith, enthusiasm, and support. We’ve already plunged ahead into development of co-op mode, and we’re busy hatching our plans for future. In the meantime, we’ve also been doing a bit of catch-up on our infrastructure to support our sudden surge in popularity these last two weeks, so please bear with us as we take turns banging on the servers with mallets!

 Guns of Icarus Adventure Extended Goals

But even though the upcoming Adventure Mode has already funded, it’s not too late to support Adventure Mode and snag some of the sweet goodies that comes along with it. Who knows, if enough jumped on board they might even get the econo-political system included as an extended goal! Check out what’s up for grabs on their Kickstarter Page.

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