I Am MT: Card Battle Launches on iOS in North America

Arguably one of the most successful new overseas iOS titles with already more than 6 million active monthly users in Asia, Locojoy’s I am MT: Card Battle has arrived in North America.

I AM MT Card Types

Players will find and collect more than 500 cards as they conquer dungeons and defeat powerful bosses. Cards can be evolved with experience into more powerful versions. I am MT: Card Battle also brings a new innovative feature to the world of trading card games where players can borrow cards from their friends to use in battle.

I am MT: Card Battle has both PvE and PvP action. In PvE, players pit their wits and cards against the CPU as they level up their deck. When players feel ready, they can enter the PvP Arena to struggle for control of one of 16 dungeons.  The trick is to hold on long enough in a “King of the Hill” style battle against other players. Victors gain gold and honor as they rise through the ranks of the game. PvP ranking promotions earn players additional bonuses.

I AM MT Versus

The game is based on the adorable characters from the animated web cartoon of the same name. I am MT (main tank) the show follows the antics of a group of World of Warcraft (WoW) players battling their way across Azeroth.  Filled with inside jokes about loot whores, griefers, rage quitting and guild drama, the series has become a fan favorite of WoW players.


·         Find, collect and level up more than 500 cards

·         Climb the ranks in PVP for awards and glory.

·         Summon rare cards to defeat even the toughest bosses

·         Invite friends from Facebook.

·         Take your friends’ best cards into battle.

·         Automatic combat system: feel the rush of victory

·         Beautiful character artwork

·         Daily rewards and events

I Am MT Character Images

I am MT: Card Battle is available for $0.99 on the App Store.

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