Jade Dynasty’s Regenesis Expansion Is Now Live

Perfect World Entertainment has just released has just released the 15th expansion of their martial-arts fantasy MMORPG, Jade Dynasty. The new “Regenesis” expansion marks the arrival of a new race called “The Etherkin”. Among this race lies two factions called the Psychea, whose small and child-like appearance is offset by their incredible intellect, and the Kytos, an all-male tribe that prides themselves with incredibly strength and spirit.


Other features available in the expansion include:

  • A revamped starting zone that helps new characters out with a streamlined leveling experience.
  • New instances along with updates to existing instances.
  • New alliance bases that allows guilds to run private events, gather materials and more.
  • Updated visual engine that makes full use of DirectX 9
  • New PvE challenge modes, including 20 new levels for the Soul Tower instance.

For more information on this update, you can check out the full details on the official Jade Dynasty website: http://jd.perfectworld.com/news/?p=1063661

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