Join the OnRPG DotA 2 Community Tournament!

By Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Journalist

As you might know, I love Dota 2. Ever since its release I have dedicated the majority of my gaming time to playing Dota 2. While the game can be quite hard to get into, once you grasp the basics, it is a ton of fun.

After creating the OnRPG Dota 2 Discussion thread, I saw a lot of interest in this game from the community. This lead to the idea of hosting a fun OnRPG Dota 2 tournament. The community can get together, have some fun in a competitive environment, learn more about Dota 2 and even win prizes.

To sign up for this tournament, all you need to do is a get a team of five together and fill out the following form.

Click here to sign up!

For information, please consult the official tournament thread and join the steam group.

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