Kickstarter Report: July 2019

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

It’s that time again! Time for me, your favorite Internet Ragachak, to go over some really amazing stuff being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. These are all in a various state of funding – some close, some well over the mark. But I picked these because honestly, I love the concepts for them. I did want to give an honorary mention to BESM – Fourth Edition, which is a tabletop RPG book, and I have a lot of fond memories of BESM. That stands for Big Eyes, Small Mouth and is an anime tabletop RPG. It’s what ultimately led me to finding The Slayers tabletop book, and for that I thank them. The BESM book has been funded, but I wanted to point it out because slowly but surely, I want to branch out to some of the tabletop/card games that are also on Kickstarter. For now, though, I want to focus on digital video games.

Kingdoms of the Dump – Okay, so – Kingdoms of the Dump is a world of trash, created by two real-life janitors, and honestly? That’s pretty damn life-affirming. Follow your dreams, friends. This gorgeous pixel game has a pretty interesting story and absolutely brilliant art. Plus one of your main characters is an animated, living trashcan! What’s not to like? Players can swap their main character on the fly, and take part in fun turn-based combat. However, the main character is Dustin Binsley, a disgraced Garbage Squire. This game has so much heart, and charm – it would be a goddamn shame for it to not get funded. A digital copy runs 15 bucks, which also gets the donators name in the credits. At 125 dollars, you get a ton of stuff, but possibly the best to me, is the SNES boxed copy of the game. The ultimate prize, honestly made me laugh far more than it should. 5,000 dollars lets you clean up trash with the creators of the game, and talk video games. Travel is not provided, but the food will be! “If you don’t feel like coming, we will do the litter pickup regardless”. Progress: 37,208/60,000 (26 days to go). Kickstarter Link: Kingdoms of the Dump

Reverie a Heroes Fate

Reverie – A Heroes Fate – You guys know by now that I absolutely adore turn-based RPGs and retro-style games. I come from that era, so I’m, of course, drawn to that style. Now Reverie: A Heroes Fate is already funded, albeit barely, but there’s still time to help them grow further. This game title sounded very familiar to me, and that’s because it takes place in the world of their previous project, Reverie: A Heroes Tale. It’s not a continuation of the previous game (so no sequel), but it is set in that same world, so a great deal of the world-building was probably already done. Reverie: A Heroes Fate takes the traditional Final Fantasy 1/Dragon Quest 3 style of building a party of four, but it features 15 awesome, unique classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. They had me at “Omnimage” if I’m being totally honest. One of the upcoming Stretch Goals looks really fascinating too, the “Monster” class. It learns random abilities, which makes me think of the Gameboy Final Fantasy titles, and that’s a good thing. PLUS RANDOMIZER OPTIONS at 1,000 dollars. Come on, you know I love Randomizers. If you want to donate enough for a copy of Reverie, a DRM-free copy is available for 7 bucks, with an estimated date of December 2019 (my birth month!), but this is a limited backing price. The big winner is at 500 dollars, where whoever donates that much will have an NPC in your likeness, a personal gravestone, a quest NPC, and a complete questline! You can also create a town! If I had the money just sitting around, I’d do it – no lie. Progress: 622/500 (27 days to go). Kickstarter Link: Reverie: A Heroes Fate

Bleak Faith: Forsaken – This has to be one of the grimmest titles I’ve ever read out loud. It reads to me like a title of a Paradise Lost song, which is fine – I love them. On a personal note, survival horror is not my cup of tea, but I respect and appreciate the genre. There’s a lot of really cool stuff in the game style, but I personally don’t get down to it as much. But Bleak Faith: Forsaken looks to do some interesting stuff in the genre. The last frontier of humanity is trying to survive the horrors of the Omnistructure, and players are one of the Forsaken, which defend against this threat. It’s adapt to survive or be consumed, and your faith decides your fate. Now that‘s storytelling. Bleak Faith: Forsaken looks to bring a brutal open world to life, and I’m sure it’s going to draw the comparisons to other games in this style and that’s fine. I really like the art style they’ve shown off here, and they have some pretty ambitious stretch goals (like players being able to be dismembered? Rough). It’s got a ways to go yet, but I have faith in this title (Huh? Get it?). People interested in a copy of the game digitally can pledge 30 bucks, which also grants access to their private Discord and digital wallpaper. For the True Believer, 2500 dollars nets a sculpture of you in-game, the ability to co-write a quest, design an enemy and item, and so much more. Progress: 18,155/30,000 (19 days to go). Kickstarter Link: Bleak Faith: Forsaken

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