League of Legends Reveals Lucian, Master Yi Rework, and Patch 3.9

League of Legends Lucian

After an extended stretch without releasing an AD carry, Riot Games has broken the pattern with the reveal of Lucian’s splash art and kit today. Fulfilling a “Holy Gunman” archetype, Lucian combines elements of various past AD carries into a new style of run and gun action packed gameplay. Full details on his lore and kit can be found HERE.

Today also saw the release of the latest patch notes for 3.9. Most notable among them are changes to the way ward wars are dealt with and the long overdue introduction of the League of Draven passive. Full notes are available HERE.

Master Yi Rework

And if that wasn’t enough excitement in one day, Master Yi’s finalized rework has been introduced. Receiving a new voice over, improved art, and slight tweaks to his current skill set, Master Yi now presents a more well balanced less risky champion that can transition well into late-game whether in lane or the jungle. Or so the theory goes. Check out the full notes for yourself and tell us your speculations in our active League Thread.

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  • Brandon Smith

    Master Yi is too overpowered with this patch. Double Strike more accessible accompanied by True Damage is too good. Yi might be tier one and alot of strong picks will drop like a rock. This re-work was strong and makes teams play extremely hard cc or lose.