MechWarrior Online Launches Canyon Network w/ Massive Update

 Mech Warrior Online Canyon Network Update

A new world of hurt was introduced today in MechWarrior Online as a massive new map, the Canyon Network, goes live along with several new Mechs, Paints and Patterns and other items to choose from in the MechLab.

Pilots can now bring the pain sniper-style as the Canyon Network map introduces dozens of strategic places to sabotage enemies as they try to navigate through vast arrays of slot canyons, small steep valleys and high plateaus. Bordered by a metropolis on one side and a drop ship base on the other, the Canyon Network is essentially a rare green space in an otherwise arid landscape that doubles as a landfill.  The maglev route that bisects the canyon is the most efficient means to transport supplies and personnel across the expanse and is therefore more valuable captured than destroyed.  The Canyon Network is primed for snipers, surprise attacks and quick getaways.


Helping Pilots get the most of six maps available, the Mech Lab has revealed a new Mech of the Month, Blackjack, and Champion Mech, Jenner JRC-F©, which offers a super-helpful 10 percent XP boost per match. The Blackjack sports a ballistic hardpoint on each arm and four energy hardpoints — ripe for close quarters combat. The BJ-1 has up to four jump jets and a 15 percent increased torso twist speed, which means you’ll see who’s over that ledge before the enemy even knows what hit them. The Champion Jenner weighs in at 35 tons and can reach a top speed of 138 kph while packing six energy hardpoints that’ll roast your enemies. Available now.


Rounding out the variety of items to hit the MechLab with this massive new update is the ultra-sweet Cobra Camo Patterns (which happen to look amazing in the new Canyon Network) as well as something to replace those fuzzy dice: hanging/swinging faction logo medallions for the cockpit!

Check out the full list of specs for the Blackjack Mech and Champion Jenner Mech.


Also coming on May 24th: Medium vs. The World challenge! Pilots should opt-in for a chance to win hard currency bundles of MC and plenty of prizes, details up with today’s patch at:

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