Mortal Bacon: The Dragon Pig, New Ultimate Boss in WAKFU on May 21st

Dragon Pig

On May 21st, high-level players will get the chance to chop up a new Ultimate Boss: the legendary Dragon Pig, who reveals himself in a special teaser.

What are Ultimate Bosses?
Ultimate Bosses are WAKFU’s hardcore PvE (player vs environment) content. They are instanced bosses, accessible once per week. They require players to develop a team strategy for several weeks before confronting them and being able to beat them and obtain very rare items.



The Dragon Pig: a crossmedia character welcomed in WAKFU
The Dragon Pig is a huge creature, as fearsome as he is stinky… and surprisingly swift! He appeared for the first time in a DOFUS dungeon, a story that was told in a one-shot DOFUS Monster manga which bears the Dragon Pig’s name. But he also appears twice in the WAKFU series.


The Dragon Pig is a real tactical challenge that is aimed at very-high-level players (120-125). Those players’ behavior will influence the monster’s aggressiveness and the outcome of the battle!
To learn more about his behavior and characteristics and to see examples of the rewards players have the chance to receive for fighting him, read the official devblog.

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