Netmarble’s Arcane Saga Enters Beta Test Phase

Arcane Saga

The wait is over!, a leading worldwide online game portal, kicks off the beta test today for the highly anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Arcane Saga in North America, South America and Europe. The game revives Prius Online with all-new content and features designed to appeal to today’s MMORPG fan. Interested players can sign up to test the game on its official site. The game is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2013.

“With the start of the beta phase today, players will finally get to experience for themselves all of the improvements we’ve made to the world of Prius over the past year,” said Joe Kim, head project manager, “We can’t wait for players to dive in and begin providing us with new feedback, which we’ll use to help polish the game even further in time for launch later this year.”

Arcane Saga

Arcane Saga is set on Prius, a planet cursed by Rashard, the king of all gods, for its creator’s defiance. Prius now awaits a foretold hero, the Xenor, to rise and free the world from Rashard’s grip. To become the Xenor, players will have to jump into the game and prove themselves worthy. Arcane Saga offers an unrivaled, fast and fun MMO experience, in which players can:

  • Create Ruthless Combos – The combo system creates a fun combat style in which players choose the rewards. Players plan combos using any skills learned from jobs, then select corresponding bonuses. Timing is crucial in executing combos, but the perks are worth it!
  • Acquire Numerous Jobs – Players can obtain multiple jobs and lea
    rn numerous unique skills; the possibilities are truly endless. The job system provides players the freedom to become whomever they choose to be. Each job focuses on a specific role, such as damage, healing, tanking or player-versus-player (PvP) combat.
  • Experience Savage and Challenging PvP – Only one hero can free Prius from Rashard’s curse. The competitiveness means bloodshed in the PvP arena as well as Siege events. Players will need to be on their toes and watch their backs for incoming attacks.
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  • this is now day 2 of the beta test an i do have to say that this remake of the game prius is very promiseing. alots of monsters to kill, great story line, an tons of people that you interact with and do dungon runs with. the toons are out of this world an the graphics are just as good and maybe even better then 1st. so give it a try your looking for a game that will send you back to wounderland ^^

  • Lierkxis

    This is the 2nd day of the beta test, Prius online -> improved -> Arcane Saga
    Made some few changes but its very worth it. I know Prius Online lovers were down when the game was down, but don’t you feel sorry because Arcane Saga is now a much improved Prius Online just for you. I’ve played it and even lost track of time. Prius Lovers and others who is looking for good MMOs. Give Arcane Saga a try and let it blow your mind 🙂

  • json marcos

    2nd day of the beta test was surely brilliant as this game move on for something new. and alot of things has changed give it a try

  • I missed my ultra green huntress, it’s great to have her back even if only for a few weeks.

    I haven’t checked out the pvp yet ( I”m a total pvp fail ) but I am enjoying being able to make my own combos and getting buffs of my choice when I actually pull off the combo. Depending on how this game ends up at release, I do plan on adding it to my MMO stable.

  • ksoon

    Yes, i was a bit confused with the new systems. However, i can catch up everything quickly. The new skill, class, crafting, and combo systems sure save a lot of my time so that i can enjoy in other things more. They should change the exp rate abit tho. This is the 2nd and im really enjoy it.

  • Korvein

    Loving the skill combo feature even as a healer, allows you to keep party members alive at a great speed

  • Lychii

    Its my first time to play as a gunner and I’m really excited to see hot it works for me. I originally wanted to be a mage but I’m a girl and its locked to a male character

    • 코알라

      I hope you liked playing gunner. I actually never tried that class before. Just so you know, the female “mage” is the minstrel class (used to be siren class but now siren is pvp only). So you could always try out minstrel if you like to play mage usually.

  • There are a lot of things to do in this game and it really keeps you occupied. Switching between jobs, building various combo sets, crafting/enhancing items, etc. Although I never played Prius, this game is really fun to play once you get into it.

  • As a prior Prius
    player, I was excited to get to try out the new and improved version
    Arcane Saga. Immediately upon entering the world, you discover so much
    has changed. As is typical with most CBT’s, there are bugs present and
    the content is not fully realized yet. The chat filter, as is usual with
    most if not all CBT’s, has random words being censored that shouldn’t
    be. But as I said, that’s typical for CBT’s and it will be fixed come
    launch. The mana regen seems to be lacking at lower levels, but once you hit higher levels (which you’ll hit 50 pretty quickly due to the increase in exp at lower levels), you’ll see the regen level out. With crafted gears and landing your combos, you can obtain the regen
    you need to sustain. Just remember to craft pots at lower levels. The
    new crafting system is centralized and great. As well as the addition of
    the combo system, though I wish the combos would land and proc more often. At this time, there is no Atrium for your Anima or a Giga.
    But those are things still in the works and will be released at a later
    time. The new character creation screen is great however there are
    those who miss the old styles and colors that are no longer present. The
    healer classes not having any attack spells is a personal deal breaker
    to me for playing that class, since I’m a solo player for the most part.
    But GM’s seem aware of our complaint about that and may be changing
    them up in the future since it basically seems like noone is willing to play that class due to this. Overall, at early levels it almost appears as tho it’s a whole new game to Prius veterans. Getting so many skills off the bat can be confusing to new users and a bit overwhelming to some. A lot of the Prius
    veterans feel let down due things that were removed from the prior
    version that they loved, however I am confident that our opinions are
    being heard and that the GM’s are indeed listening to our suggestions
    and won’t let us down. That’s always a good feeling in any MMO.

  • Lierkxis

    @lychii:disqus It doesn’t really matter if the class is gender locked.., It’s how you play it., most MMO are gender locked… Gender isn’t really an issue if you really wanted that class 🙂

    • Shix

      Gender also play a vital role in arcane saga. But i also want or better “hope” the game will allow us to choose what gender for every class. Since this system is way back from old mmo. I experience this before in RAN online but then in future patch they remove the gender locked.

      • 코알라

        I doubt they will make that change. I think that the gender lock makes sense in Arcane Saga. People just need to view the characters as individual characters rather than certain genders/races. It’s like if you’re playing a console game and only have certain characters to choose from. They have their own individual skills.

  • Lierkxis

    @Ksoon The game was improved and made few changes to make players have fun without waiting for a certain level…, Exp rate is fine for now because it’s still on Beta Testing :).. near Launch is June,,

  • Shix

    Players have different thoughts about the improvement and changes done to the game but still this game is on CBT so all matters should be consider in the future patch. But overall, the game is awesome with it’s combo system and crafting system which ease and aide players in their journey

  • Michael Smith

    I like this game because of its fast levelling

    • I like it too, but it gets really slow once you get into the higher levels, especially when you start building between various jobs for your class character.

      • json marcos

        indeed it would be real slow leveling at high levels. as soon as you get a raid party for dungeons it would be easy leveling

      • 코알라

        I stopped playing at level 50 because I was a little disappointed with the pvp class not being usable in pve, but I know up until 50 it was still pretty fast leveling, especially with using the quest exp potions while doing the daily mission quests. Maybe after that it gets slower, but my friend got 50-54 in a day with a bit of grinding (and maybe some dungeons) and the highest level after the 1 week beta was level 60.

  • ksoonvl

    The longer i play the more fun i find out in this game. However, there are many major problems they need to deal with. The mp cost, skills and jobs need to be reviewed. Please open more maps and gigas system too. Those are this game core funtions

    • I agree that gigas need to come back as well as anima interaction and atrium.

      However I like the skills, I just find it to be a big money grab if they require you pay each time you want to switch between jobs ( after the first freebie switch of the day ). I do hope they change this, it’s punishing to healers and have no damage skills right now.

      I’m going to keep my eye out on this game and see how they listen to feedback when OBT is up and running and I have my fingers crossed for good things!

    • 코알라

      They said the mp cost is being looked at, so hopefully it will improve in OBT 😀 I agree with the skills and jobs though. The system needs to be fixed because right now it’s not fun. Who wants to use the same skills at level 70 that they got at level 1? If healers had damage skills and pvp class could be used on monsters, it wouldn’t be too bad. The best thing would be to bring back the old skill system though, but keep the combo system. There was nothing wrong with it. I do like the quicker leveling, although I worry that people will hit max level much too quickly and the population will die off. I also think they need to revamp the story so that it feels like an actual storyline as it did in the old version, rather than the scattered, unrelated cutscenes that were present in the CBT.