Neverwinter Infographic Highlights Shadowmantle Success

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have released a new infographic, detailing the success of Neverwinter after its last major update, Shadowmantle. Among the highlights include over two million characters created and thousands of items acquired during recent game events.

Neverwinter will soon be releasing its next major update, Curse of Icewind Dale.

NeverWinter InfoGraphic SHadowmantle

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  • poo

    WOW desperation. Everything is unrelated and stupid. PAris population fluxuates drastically especially because of tourism. Are we talking permanant residents? If so, it is not really that much when divided over the world. Just about 5 friends per small village in USA….
    Dividing exp over years is stupid. Everything relates to the accumulation rate. IF I Can get 150K EXP in one boss kill, in a 20 min battle = DO NOT divide each point over years…. whoever did this math is just a marketing dumbfuk. What a shit game.