Nintendo Switch Can Right The Wrongs of the Wii-U

Let’s talk about this a little bit! The Nintendo Switch looks weird, sure. I like the design and I love the concept of it, especially as someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to sit in front of the TV. I have a lot of questions, and I don’t think they are being answered yet, which is fine. It was only just announced. But that’s not the big thing I want to talk about. The worst thing about the Wii-U to me, the thing that kept me away from it, was the fact that it had virtually no Third Party Support. There were “games”, but were there any huge Bethesda titles? Konami? RPG Factory?  This hurts. Nintendo’s early life had some of the best Third Party Titles, and really built the company to walk the path of greatness. But the Wii-U didn’t really seem to care about that so much and it hurt. I only know a handful of people who own one, mostly for stuff like Monster Hunter. But the Nintendo Switch is fixing that! They have a small sampling of third party sponsors/support right now, and here it is!


That’s a nice list of partners! The trailer also shows Skyrim Remastered. Skyrim. On a Nintendo console! Come on, how can you not be hyped for that? A Splatoon Sequel, a new Mario game [duh], NBA 2k17 too! I think Nintendo has finally realized that the way they used to do things made them tons of money, and they want that money again. GTA5, Skyrim, and NBA2k17 confirmed for a Nintendo console. We wouldn’t have seen that on the Wii-U, but the Switch? Anything is possible! I haven’t been excited about a Nintendo console since the 90s!  What about you guys? How are you feeling about it? Worried it won’t have a Gamecube Controller Port for Smash? What about the rumors that it might play 3DS games? Will it be all digital? Discs? Cartridges? How are you feeling?

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  • Marcus Davis

    Though third-party support is really going to help Nintendo I still don’t think its a reason to buy a console. Most systems (except Nintendo until now) have pretty much the same games except first party games like God of War, Halo, and Mario. To me these are the games people should be looking at when buying a console because you know you will pretty much get all the others for any system.

    • Marcus Davis

      And I just hope that controller makes it to launch having it similar to a PlayStation or Xbox controller while innovative enough to turn into a portable system is fking genius. If this system delivers ill fall for Nintendo all over again.

      • Ragachak

        Well we already know Nintendo are capable of making strong first-party games. That’s not an issue. But I do look to other companies, the third party stuff too. If the Nintendo console only has one or two really great games that I’m interested in, I’m willing to pass. Most of my favorite RPGs tend to be third party. I do agree on the controller though. I’m willing to believe that the Switch is going to make up for the various shortcomings of the Wii-U.