Nintendo Switch News – 2/26-3/2

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

Payday 2 - Nintendo Switch News

March has quite a few hits coming to the Nintendo Switch, and that’s wonderful. However, the end of February is kind of a dry time. Lots of stuff for the digital store, but as far as physical releases? Only one! But this month has a new Kirby game! I love Kirby! Attack on Titan 2 is also slated for March, which promises to be the bloodiest, most violent game on the Switch unless you count Doom. That could be a fun comparison. However, this week ArcSys proves they can do more than produce amazing fighting games, as they release a fantastic mecha game over on the Switch, and what could be the most released game of this generation is now on the Nintendo console! I’m sincerely surprised it wasn’t on the 3DS already. So, let’s break down the fun stuff for the Switch this week!

– Payday 2 (2/27): Oh come on, don’t act like you didn’t know this was on the way. It’s on every console I can possibly think of. I bet it even runs on my Kindle Fire HD! But the Switch could always use another incredibly fun co-op, and Payday is four players of outrageous crime sprees! Coming with full touch-screen support, it also has an additional local multiplayer mode that I think will be a real hit. CRIME.NET Local Play lets you set up a game and invite friends to play locally. It also features a unique, exclusive character with their own mask and weapons, named Joy. This is a game I have not played enough of. Maybe the Switch will change that!

-Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo (3/1): Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo is a title from ArcSys, a fast-paced RPG featuring customizable mecha (GEARs) and is set after the (depressingly titled) World War IV. The GEAR forces betrayed humanity, and the berserk robots renamed RAGE suits. It’s time to defeat the RAGE suits and save humanity with awesome blades, chainsaws, laser cannons, and all kinds of other insane destructive weapons. This is probably the best eshop release of the week, and I’ve actually been waiting to see it on the Switch. It has a solid, gripping story mode, or you can choose to play against the AI. It also contains all the previous DLC of the original release (such as “Old Hero and “Broken Gears of Time”), along with some new armor, weapons, and missions. Plus, did I mention it has Giant Robots in it? Because it does. And you need to experience it. It’s 14.99 on the eShop.

NEO GEO: Sengoku 2 (3/1): SENGOKU is one of my favorite beat ’em ups from the Neo Geo line of arcade games. Specifically, Sengoku 2, is a side-scrolling action game. Summoned by a shrine princess, you play the role of a warrior crashing through historical periods to defeat the Dark Monarch. Charge attacks and crazy, gorgeous locations designed back in 1993 await! ACA/NEO GEO has released quite a few of their classic games over on the Switch, and though I do not believe it has online co-op, it does faithfully reproduce the original look and feel of the arcade hit right here on the Switch for a reasonable price of 7.99.

Do you have a Nintendo Switch game coming out that you’d like me to feature, as a fan or developer? Feel free to drop a line to and I’ll see what I can do when it goes live.

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