Nintendo Switch News – 4/8/2019 – 4/19/2019

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

Good morning, Internet! Though Super Dragon Ball Heroes is out and in my hands, it’s just about the only thing I’m playing on my Switch right now. Well, that and Final Fantasy VII, I suppose. Smite? Warframe? BlazBlue? No time for any of you! But there are some pretty great games coming outside of this window that should probably get some notice. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen as a prime example! I love the Dragon’s Dogma franchise, so I’m glad that Dark Arisen is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and it’s coming this month (April 23rd)! I’m curious to see how Final Fantasy XII will handle on the Switch, but I’m sure it will be fine, when it arrives on April 30th. There’s also a really cool indie game that I think deserves a look: Death Coming.  It drops on April 25th and is a non-linear pixel-style game where it’s up to you to harvest human souls, but it’s got to look like an accident! Think Final Destination. It looks amazing, and I really want to find the time for it. But what has come out/is coming out in the next week or so? Let’s find out!

Neo ATLAS 1469 (April 9th, 2019): Despite covering this game quite a few times in the news for the Switch, I’m genuinely surprised this hit the Nintendo Switch. Not because it would be hard to do, I just haven’t seen much in the way of historical-style exploration games on the console. It’s set in the Golden Age of Exploration, in the Year of Our Lord, 1469, but it’s not entirely historical. There are deadly creatures in the sea and lots of places to explore. Neo ATLAS is challenging and fascinating, and your exploits could change the face of the Earth forever. It has a physical and digital release, and it’s awesome to see it come to life. (49.99)

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (April 9th, 2019): Now, I never got into the Phoenix Wright games. Whenever they were out and popular, I didn’t have the means to play them. But virtually everyone I know is in love with these court drama/puzzle games. The original trilogy that made the franchise what it is today is now available on the Nintendo Switch, with fantastic graphics, and the same challenging, gripping story that came on the initial carts. 14 episodes are playable, with mystery, intrigue, and just a dash of silliness (Editor’s Note: Maybe more than a dash). It’s a compelling franchise, and I think this was a smart move to get more people talking about Phoenix Wright. Maybe this will lead to a new Phoenix Wright on the Switch! (29.99)

Final Fantasy X/X-2: HD Remaster (April 16th, 2019): Final Fantasy X is among my favorite games of all time. Final Fantasy X-2? Well…other than the story, I sincerely enjoyed it. The story kind of made my head spin, if I’m honest. But the HD Remasters for PS4, PSP, and PC were all majestic – I should know! I’ve played every iteration of Final Fantasy X. I have no doubt that the Switch version will be just as good as the others. Both take place in the land of Spira, a land that seems intricately tied to the afterlife. Both games have absolute tons of content, and while they might start off fairly linear, there’s still lots to do in both games. From capturing monsters and fighting in the arena in FFX, to FFX-2’s “hunt for 101% completion”. (49.99)

Cuphead: Don’t Deal With The Devil (April 18th): Cuphead is a game that, while I have not completed, I loved it anyway. It’s got that old-school challenge that I remember from my youth. But, unlike those old NES games, the challenge in this game is not from wonky, unresponsive controls, but from actual challenge. Knowing what phases of bosses do what, what weapons/abilities you should pack, and knowing when to run and gun, and when to just run. Cuphead was hand-drawn and is a beautiful representation of the golden era of animation. Not to mention “Die House (Mr. King Dice Main Theme)” might be one of the best songs from any game ever. That’s not hyperbole. I’ve yet to play a game that made me grow and learn more than Cuphead. It’s so good. (19.99)

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