Nintendo Switch News – Week of 10/19/2018

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

Good morning, Internet! It’s time to round up all the awesome stuff coming to the Nintendo Switch, and we’ve got some real winners today! But before I get into the stuff that launched this week, I have a few other announcements as always, that I need to tend to! The first comes from one of my personal favorite companies, NISA – Nippon Ichi Software America! They announced that the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is coming to the Switch on November 13th, 2018. It will arrive with 13 titles, an extensive Museum Mode, and will have 10 more titles hitting on December 11th as free DLC. The first half of these is in the trailer above.

From Fantasy, Munch Mobile, Sasuke vs. Commander, Chopper, and Time Soldiers, this is an incredible list of SNK games from all points in their history. That’s not all of the NISA news though. The Caligula Effect: Overdose is also coming to the Switch (and PS4/Steam) in 2019. Originally a PS VITA title, this version comes with revamped visuals, new endings, and double the story content, so it’s an absolute must-play. In it, Ayana Amamoto and Eiji Biwasaka are new members of the Go-Home Club. This club is dedicated to leaving Mobius and returning to Reality. Keep your eyes on this space for more info. But that’s enough “coming soon” stuff. What’s new and hot on the Switch? This might be the longest list yet!

Valkyria Chronicles (October 16th): Come on, it’s Valkyria Chronicles! It’s a Playstation classic, and now it’s on a Nintendo console. This is the first time the fight for all Gallians has been made available on a Nintendo console, and North American players who own Valkyria Chronicles 4 on the eShop will get a 5.00 discount during their checkout. This promotion lasts until my birthday (December 17th), and is already more than fairly priced. With gorgeous visuals, an incredible military story, and the ability to play the full Valkyria Chronicles experience on the go (all DLC included with the original release is included), not to mention the beautiful CANVAS Aesthetic, Valkyria Chronicles is amazing. (19.99)

Dark Souls: Remastered (October 19th): It’s finally here on the Switch! It’s worth the wait. The remaster of Dark Souls boasts updated visuals and the inclusion of the “Artorias of the Abyss” expansion bundled into the main game. Lordran is a twisted, horrific place with incredible challenges, larger-than-life bosses, and beautiful-but-maimed landscapes. I can’t tell you anything about Dark Souls that you probably don’t already know. Tons of replay value, loads of challenge, Dark Souls is an interesting title to be able to take on the go with you. Just don’t get so mad you throw that little tablet. (39.99)

Lego DC Super Villains (October 16th): Okay, this is another one that really just sells itself. The LEGO games are amazing, that’s no big secret. In Lego DC Super Villains, you play as a group of supervillains fighting another group of supervillains! The foes of the game are the Crime/Justice Syndicate – the evil counterparts of the Justice League. The trailers for it have been hilarious, and you get to make your own lego villain to hang out with The Joker and so many other memorable DC characters. These games make collect-a-thoning fun and worthwhile, with an incredible story, action, and of course, lots and lots of amazing LEGO figures that I wish I had in my home. (59.99)

Warriors Orochi 4 (October 19th): Over 170 Samurai Warriors/Dynasty Warriors characters, plus some new ones thrown into the mix in one place? I’ve been playing this for about a week now on and off on the Playstation 4, and I absolutely love it. We’ll have a review for it soon, I’m willing to bet. You control a team of three characters, plus a backup squad of support members, collect and upgrade your weapons, cast powerful magic, and mow down thousands of unwitting losers in your quest to go home, and figure out what threw all of these legendary heroes and villains back into a chaotic, strange world. New and classic teamups from the earlier Orochi titles are here, and no matter which of the previous games you played, there’s someone for you here. (59.99)

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