Nintendo Switch News – Week of 3/1/2019

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

ToeJam and Earl

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the latest Nintendo Switch releases, but I’m back at it! Of course, it’s when it’s a slow release week because that’s just how good I am at timing important things. So overall this was a pretty solid month as far as releases go. Nintendo dropped their bid to create a fantastic Battle Royale game with Tetris 99, and I have to say, I think it’s a proper hit. Instead of people shooting each other, it’s 100 people playing Tetris, last one standing wins. It’s amazing, and it’s free, so go download it straightaway. Well, after you’re done reading this anyway. If you’re into biking games, there’s also Trials Rising from Ubisoft. Personally, it doesn’t grab me, but biking is fun to a whole lot of people. Final Fantasy IX released on the Switch on Valentine’s, but I fear it’s the mobile port, making it mediocre at best. I love IX, but I detest most of Square-Enix’s mobile ports. This is no exception.

But what’s on the way? Final Fantasy VII is arriving on March 26th, so if you still have not had enough of Cloud’s wacky adventures in Midgard, here’s your chance to take it on the go! Chocobo’s Mystery DUngeon Everybuddy! arrives on March 20th, which is another release to be excited about. Yoshi’s Crafted World hits the Switch on March 29th, and while I’m not as big on the Yoshi games, I realize I’m in the minority there, and that’s okay. It’s still a cute, fun platforming series and I doubt that’s going to change. The last game I want to highlight coming later this month is The LEGO Movie 2 because the LEGO games are always a hit. They’re fun, have tons of character options, and there’s virtually no chance that The LEGO Movie 2 won’t be a fun watch, with an equally enjoyable game. Everything is Awesome. So what came out this week?

Deltarune Chapter 1 (Feb. 28th): Well, Toby Fox is back with another addictive, deep title – Deltarune! Well, it’s the first chapter of the game, and it’s free! Isn’t that the tactic drug dealers used to use? The first hit’s free? Very smart, Mr. Fox. Create your own character, and dive into this retro-styled world with more intriguing characters and fantastic music. I’m still early in Deltarune – I’m saving that for when I beat Undertale, which I assure you will happen. You know, someday, when I have time. But Deltarune is free, and I recommend it anyway. (Free)

Ape Out (Feb. 28th): Ape Out uses a very colorful, simplistic art style, and combines that with violence, and frenetic, interesting jazz music. It’s up to you to build up enough momentum that you cannot be stopped and break through your prison, and through your captors towards freedom. The human opposition wishes to keep you contained, but that’s no place for the mighty ape! Navigate the labyrinthian areas and defeat anyone who wishes to keep you penned in. The Nintendo eShop says “Find your rhythm in the chaos as a dynamic soundtrack of drums, cymbals, and decapitations drive the action to the edge of mayhem,” and frankly, that’s good enough to sell me. (14.99)

ToeJam and Earl: Back In The Groove! (Mar. 1st): THAT’S RIGHT, TOEJAM AND EARL IS BACK. The times I played this game with my friends as a kid were equal parts frustration at the map and giggling like dorks at the in-game dialogue and characters. ToeJam and Earl were funky, they were awesome, they were… well, they were ToeJam and Earl. ToeJam and Earl have the duo back on Earth in this roguelite exploration game. The smooth hip-hop feel is back and features the classic tropes you expect from ToeJam and Earl with some updated quality-of-life features. This is awesome, and I hope to find time to play it myself. (19.99)

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