Nintendo Switch News -Week of 3/8/2019

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

Nintendo switch News 3-8-2019

While there aren’t but a few major retail releases for the first week of March 2019! That having been said, there are some pretty major releases coming up later in the month. I want to start with a game series that I’ve sort of missed out on. I haven’t kept up with the oft-confusing FATE franchise (//Stay Night, et cetera), but I feel like it’s something I’d like to have in my life. There’s a Warriors-style FATE game coming on March 19th, Fate // Extella LINK. The previous Fate // Extella title had 16 characters, but Extella LINK adds 10 more, bringing the total to 26. Sure it’s not Dynasty Warriors with their 115 characters or what have you, but I am very much curious to get lost in the world of Fate.

Of course, Final Fantasy VII is coming to the Nintendo Switch, on March 26th. It’s going to be a nice cheap 16 bucks too, I believe. I just wonder which version of the game we’re going to get. The vanilla PSX release, the original PC release, the HD remake for PC? There are a few options on the table. Now personally (and don’t get mad), Final Fantasy VII is nowhere near the top of my favorites in the series. I enjoy it, there are certainly things I would do different, but it really brought Final Fantasy to the mainstream, so I can’t fault them for that. But it is coming, and it should be exciting. Finally, for you fans of Yoshi, Yoshi’s Crafted World  is on the way March 29th. I do believe you can download the demo now. I haven’t really gotten into the Yoshi franchise – the cuteness doesn’t really do it for me. But they are fun, family-friendly games and there’s nothin’ wrong with that. Today I’m going to highlightt a trio of interesting indie releases on the Nintendo Switch that I think are certainly worth taking a look at.

Beat Cop (March 5th): Beat Cop is a pixel-based game set in the crime-riddled 80s New York. Framed for a crime you haven’t committed, and you have one shot to find out the truth. A non-linear story, multiple endings, gorgeous pixel art and when you combine that fantastic humor, you have an indie game that simply cannot be beat. I’m disappointed I’ve yet to play it, but every time I see it I regret not playing it. It’s now live on the Switch, so you can take it with you anywhere. (14.99)

Unknown Fate (March 5th): Unknown Fate is a recently-released adventure/puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch, and I’m a sucker for its edgy, dark art style. It’s not enough to wake up alone, with no idea where you are or how to get home, but there are also terrifying enemies to defeat and puzzles to solve. The ultimate goal is to recover Richard’s (the main character) lost memories and find his way home. But what a journey it looks to be! This is another potential sleeper hit in my eyes, and I’m curious to see more of it. (14.99)

Braveland Trilogy (March 7th): I’m an absolute sucker for the classic turn-based strategy games. From the older Fire Emblem games, Final Fantasy Tactics, Advance Wars, these are all wonderful titles with plenty to offer. Braveland Trilogy is a classic turn-based strategy in that same vein, with 200 battles, 50 varied units, and plenty of challenge to go along with that. There are three story chapters with lots of story and combat along the way, and it also features a very bright, pleasant aesthetic. Players can also improve their hero as they go, which is one of the things I like about strategy RPGs – growth. (14.99)

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