Nintendo Switch News – Week of 5/25/18

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

Nintendo Switch News - Week of 5-25

What a great week it’s been for the Nintendo Switch! That’s no surprise though, the Switch has dropped nothing but hits week after week after week. But mostly, it’s been a stellar week for the retro/platform side of things, and a lot of the games I want to talk about this week fit right into that mold, which makes me incredibly happy. Despite me preferring RPGs/Retro RPGs, I have a soft spot for the platformers of old. Before I delve deep into those though, Let’s talk about Banner Saga 2, which is coming to the Nintendo Switch. We learned earlier in the week that Versus Evil and Stoic announced the release date for the port of Banner Saga 2, the sequel to the hit Banner Saga that was BAFTA nominated. June 7th, 2018 is the date, so you don’t have to wait all that long. The Banner Saga series is a pretty mature RPG, but not one to be missed. So June 7th, get out there and snatch your copy up for the Switch. We also found that Lost in Harmony, the Musical Runner will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 21, 2018. I enjoy these kind of run and rhyme games, even if I’m not the best at them. They are fun to watch Colton play though. But do look forward to this title from Playdius and Digixart Entertainment in June!

I have one more bit of business to discuss, and this one sincerely made me happy. I love, love Kingdom of Loathing and its “sequel”, West of Loathing. I reviewed it right here on OnRPG, and it’s coming to the Switch on May 31st, 2018. It’s known as “Skyrim with beans and big hats”, and I can’t say anything is more accurate than that. More than 50 hats await your collecting, and three character classes – Snake Oiler, Beanslinger and Cow Puncher (but let’s be honest, Beanslinger is the best class). It’s charming, it’s hilarious, it’s challenging, it’s West of Loathing. It’s already sold over 150,000 copies on Steam, and I’m so glad such an irreverent, ridiculous, hilarious game is coming to the Switch. Best believe it’ll be added to my collection. Now that we’ve discussed “future news”, what happened this week?

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (5/24/18): I am so terribly excited for the 2018 Bloodstained release, the SOTN-style game by Koji Igarashi. But the Kickstarter met some interesting goals, such as the “Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon” 8bit platforming mini-game. You play as the Demon Slayer, Zangetsu, and meet other characters along the way that you can swap out at will. Think Castlevania 3, it’s got a similar color palette, but with better controls and gameplay mechanics. Your recruited characters can change the difficulty of stages, and possibly even the ending of the game. I’ve already played it on Steam, and if I had thought about it, I might have got it for the Switch instead. Either way, you can’t go wrong. It is retro platforming at its absolute peak. (9.99)

Mega Man Legacy Collection (1 & 2) (5/22/18): This is another thing that I absolutely just adore. I already own the first Legacy collection on PS4, and I think I own both of them on Steam, I can’t really remember. But it’s an absolute treasure trove of Mega Man as you’ve . . . well, already seen him before, but it’s Mega Man! Do you love the old NES games, but want to play without the annoying passwords and just “save”? Want to have them all in one convenient location on your Switch for when you travel? Of course you do! Now is that time, friends. You need it in your life, and what’s more, they’re sold together on the Switch! Don’t buy it used though, someone will have already used the download code for Legacy Collection 2. You can buy them separately in the Nintendo Store though. This comes with 10 Mega Man games – 1-10 respectively. If you own the Mega Man amiibo figure, additional functionality comes with it. It’s so wonderful, and I love Mega Man. Glad to see it on the Switch where it belongs. (39.99) (Legacy 1: 14.99, Legacy 2: 19.99)

Runner3 (5/22/18): Now, I had never heard of the Runner series, somehow, but it’s the sequel to Bit.Trip and Runner 2. Your character runs forward automatically and you have to jump, duck, slide, etc until you reach the end. But it’s all tied to the music, so finding the rhythm is important. Each stage also has “retro” versions to complete, adding to the fun and challenge. But it adds some much more to the series, with Hero Quests, insane vehicles (Eggplant planes?!), an item shop, and a lot more. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun for auto-scroller/rhythm fans, and it’s here now on the Nintendo Switch and absolutely at least worth a peek. Commander Video is back! ( (29.99)

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