Nintendo Switch News: Week of 6/8/2018

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

Goodness has it been a busy week/month for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s only the first week of the month! Well, the first full week. Several big titles dropped this week, a few awesome digital releases, and that’s not even everything! Earlier this week we reported on MMOHuts that Paladins is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and as I have access to it, I got into a few matches last night to see how it feels. I. Love. It. It will be available for digital purchase on the Switch as of June 12th. It will cost 29.99 and will be the Founder’s Pack for the game. This will get you into Paladins, all current/future champions, a number of Founder Exclusive cosmetics. The Free-to-Play option will come a little later in the summer. Plus, it will have cross-play with Xbox Live users, so all my Xbox friends, don’t worry – I’m coming to carry you to victory.

We also learned this week that Asmodee Digital, arguably an industry leader in digital board game entertainment, is going to tackle the Switch! They will soon begin publishing their games on the Switch, starting with “Carcassonne”, the digital version of the tile-laying board game (which is already available on Android, PC, and Mac via Steam). The Nintendo Switch adaptation will be available in Winter 2018, and that is the first of many IPs they plan on bringing the Switch, making it a powerhouse with gaming options for everyone. Simple to pick up but challenging to master, Carcassonne presents players with endless opportunities for tactical play. I can definitely see it being a fun game to bring the friends over for board game night, and everyone picks up a joycon and sees who is the tile-laying master. Without further ado though, let’s get into this current releases!

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (June 5th): I do love BB:CTB, but the DLC controversy does grate on my nerves a bit if I’m being honest. While I’m glad we know everyone who is DLC right out of the gate (and in fact have for months), is that really better than having to wait every year to see who will be DLC for “that year” like other companies are doing right now? It’s hard to say. Regardless, it’s an insanely fast-paced anime 2D fighter featuring 2v2 tag battles with BlazBlue, RWBY, Under Night: In Birth and Persona characters. Is there really more that needs to be said? This is a strong fighting game that you can pick up on your Switch now. I also wrote a review of the PS4 version, seen here. (49.99)

Iro Hero (June 6th): I talked about this a week or so ago, and EastasiasOft teamed up with Artax Games to release a retro-style vertical scrolling SHMUP (Shoot ’em Up), Iro Hero. It combines the charm of the 80s pixel-style artwork with the more modern bullet hell style gameplay, where the player will need to shift polarities to avoid certain-colored bullets, much like you would see in Ikaruga, or other popular bullet hell titles. Set in the year 2306, Iro Hero begins a century after humans have learned to harness their energy to produce energy (sounds kind of like The Matrix to me). Crazy, fast-paced stages, tons of projectiles to avoid, skills to unlock and a heap up fun await in Iro Hero.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn (June 5th): Unfortunately, my review copy is for Steam and not the Switch, but I did try! Look forward to some interesting content on that soon enough. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn tried something pretty bold in their advertising – admitting that the first Shaq Fu game ever happened in the first place. This is what it should have been all along, a mighty side-scrolling beat ’em up, with Shaq and his alternate personalities making sure evil catches a series of large, angry hands. This new Shaq Fu game looks absolutely incredible, from an absurd story (that still somehow seems to be grounded in a bit of reality) and plenty of action to go around. It’s up to Shaq to redeem his good name and also save the planet in Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn. Will Shaq be officially redeemed? I’d like to think so. (39.99)


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