Path of Exile Hosting Two Week Charity Race Event

PoE Charity Race

Grinding Gear Games has announced a two-week long charity event for Path of Exile, which will benefit Child’s Play.

Running from May 10 through May 24, the event will have a mix of Ambush and Invasion challenge league rules, including enchantable Strongboxes, guest monsters, and Invasion monsters. It is a hardcore event parented in the Invasion league (so characters can continue in the league once the race ends), but even dead characters can receive prizes. Prizes will include Stash Tab Bundles, Razer gaming gear, NVIDIA Graphics Cards, Seraph gear, signed prints, and even a private Q&A session with the game’s team.

A special Angelic Mask will also be available during this event for $5, with 100% of the proceeds donated to Child’s Play on the player’s behalf. More details can be found here.

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