Path of Motus Review

By Terris Harned (NWOrpheus)





Some people argue words have no power. Others argue that the pen is mightier than the sword. In The Path of Motus, words do indeed have power: the power to destroy. Taking control of the titular goblin, Motus, you set forth from your village on a journey of self discovery and perseverance.

For generations your village has been surrounded by a forest. Other goblins have set off into the forest, but inevitably they return, having succumbed to the challenges they’ve faced. Armed with a magic paintbrush that he inherited from his father, Motus is determined that he will be the first from his village to see what lies beyond. In order to do this, though, he’ll need your help.

Bullies abound along the path whose words can also harm. “Hey,” they’ll shout, or “Nope,” and their words are projected towards you. If they connect with you they’ll force you to respawn a short ways back and try again. You can choose to dodge their words, or use your own to defend yourself.

Sometimes you can even dodge the confrontation altogether, and doing so will reward you with a “high road” award. Taking the high road is often quite difficult, but it does feel quite satisfying when you do!

These aren’t the only challenges you’ll face along the way either. From time to time you’ll come to a gulf that you cannot cross, or a block that hinders your progress. During these times you’ll pull out your trusty paintbrush and solve a puzzle to remove the blocks, or build a bridge, before you continue on.

Motus sets out as a mere 6 year old goblin, but as you progress through the game he’ll grow into a teenager, and then an adult. You’ll also see signs of those who have gone before; namely, Motus’ father, who initially tried to talk him out of setting out, and coming to work on the farm instead.

All in all, the game is a good deal of fun. The early challenges are very basic, but I feel this is just to introduce you to the mechanics in a sort of working tutorial. As you progress some of them are downright frustrating. At one point I kept falling, over and over again, and as I did the game began taunting me. “Just quit the game,” it suggested, “Go do something else, you’re bad at this.” To be honest, it started to get to me, and I almost did as it pressured. I managed to get through it though and boy was it satisfying!

There’s not really too much more I can say about The Path of Motus without spoiling a great deal. The Path of Motus has a message that needs to be experienced first hand. We live in a world where the same people who have decried empathy to be weakness suggest that others should act with more civility. We need to open our hearts and think about what we say, and question how those words might affect the person we direct them at.

I will say that the music and sound play an integral part of The Path of Motus and you absolutely must play with the volume turned on. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Final Rating: Great (4.5/5)

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