Planet Calypso – An Introduction to an Alien World

 Planet Calypso Newbie Guide

The Beginner Experience

As the poster child for the platform, Planet Calypso can easily be considered one of the easiest/best planets to first start your adventure on within the Entropia Universe.


They have recently designed a New Player starter area which includes free weapons and tools as well as missions/quests to get you started learning how to get around and interact with the game.


Once you have completed all of the missions in the Calypso Gateway (the starter island) you will be allowed to teleport to Camp Icarus and start your adventures in earnest.


You will find more NPCs around the camp there, and should explore to the north-west along the coast and past the river where you will find Port Atlantis.


Port Atlantis is a port city with beautiful skyscrapers, buildings and docks going out into the sea. There are quite a few NPCs among the different buildings and you can start different missions by talking to some of them.

 Planet Calypso Port Atlantis

You are not required to do any of the missions however; the game is considered by some to be the ‘ultimate’ sandbox game. It is a completely open world and you are free to go anywhere you want. The planet is huge and as such I would recommend purchasing a VTOL or Helicopter within the first week or two of playing as that will help you bypass the more dangerous places while exploring new areas.

 Planet Calypso Teleporter

You have to physically travel to each teleporter before you are able to use it, but once you have it added to your map you can teleport between any of them on the planet. One of the first goals for a new player should be to get as many of the teleporters added to their map as possible.


Three key locations you’ll want to check out first:
● Port Atlantis – It has a shopping mall and is the current ‘space port’ where all players coming in from space and other planets land.
● Twin Peaks – The main hang out for street traders. It’s very important to be able to teleport here if you want to buy or sell goods, it also has a shopping mall.
● Nea’s Place – Located far to the South-West of Port Atlantis, it is a treacherous journey to get to Nea’s Place without help. Once there though you will find what is probably the highest concentration of new and social players in the game. It is one of if not the most popular location on Calypso for ‘sweating’ which is one of the free activities for earning peds.


As a new player you will need to focus on learning about the Markets and the Economy.
In order to play economically you will almost always use limited (L) weapons and tools which need to be replaced once broken.


You should find a good Society (guild) which is friendly to new players yet still has enough veterans in it to teach you well.


Land-based PVP will be difficult for you at this level unless you want to drop a LOT of cash on gear.
Space Piracy (PVP) is possible at this level; you just need a Quad Fighter with a mounted Laser Cannon. Some pirates make a lot of PED in space, but it can be an expensive profession to practice (and gives you a bad reputation in the game since people don’t like having real money stolen from them).

 Planet Calypso Space Pirates

The Mid-Level Experience

After one or two years of typical playing you will reach what is referred to as Mid-Level. A majority of the players in the game are in this category, and you will be able to do almost anything in the game. (if not solo, then at least with a team)


By the time you reach Mid-Level you will have figured out what you want your focus in the game to be, and if you haven’t bonded well with the society you started in, may seek one that matches your activities or play style.

 Planet Calypso Grinding

The bulk of PVP players fall in this group and can make a significant profit hunting miners and hunters (even other PKers) in the lootable zones.


To play economically you will still need to use mostly limited (L) items, but will likely also start investing in unlimited SIB (skill increase bonus) versions. It’s imperative that you keep economic factors in mind with everything you do at this point. Mindless grinding without regard to the markets will burn a hole in your pocket faster than you could ever imagine.

 Planet Calypso Housing

At Mid-Level you will also want to start considering other investments as well

● Apartments/Estates – Hold no real investment value other than for reselling, but are a lot of fun to decorate as well as a status symbol.
● Higher End Armor – You have the skills to efficiently use some of the best armor in the game IF you can afford it.
● Higher End Healing Tools – 1-20k PED will get you an ‘ok’ tool. 100k will get you close to the best in game.
● Shops/Booths – A great way to make a few ped as well as the fun of setting up and planning inventory as well as advertising and trying to figure out what sells and what doesn’t.
● Calypso Land Deeds (CLDs) – Sort of a ‘Stock’ in the planet, you can purchase CLDs and earn a weekly dividend based on the profits that Planet Calypso earned that week.
● Rare blueprints for profitable crafting.
● Beauty equipment if you wish to work in that industry.
● Other miscellaneous paths that people constantly discover to earn profits


The High-End Experience

It takes years of hard core grinding to reach this level. The game is not played in weeks and months but rather in years (and apparently decades) of playing and building up your character.


Level 100 is when you can efficiently use all the ‘old school’ weapons, some of which commonly sell for over 100k PED. ($10,000USD)


There really isn’t much point in reaching this skill level if you aren’t able to get the gear to go with it.


You need top end armor, weapons, and medical tools as well as a strong knowledge of the economy and market fluctuations. Of course all that won’t do you any good without a large bankroll to be able to leverage those to your advantage.

Planet Calypso End Tier Gear

Investments at this level include:

● All types of high end gear – Either for use or resale.
● Large Stacks of CLDs – When you have the power, you control the prices.
● Land Areas – You charge players taxes to play on your lands.
● Banks – Basically in-game pawn shops, you lend PED for high interest rates and keep the collateral if it’s not paid back.


Half of the new planets developed for the Entropia Universe were funded and developed by former High End players.

Planet Calypso Walkthrough


If you are looking for a game that has stood the test of time, and want to commit to a decade of character building instead of a few weeks, if you seek difficult challenges, and love real competition, then this is THE game for you.


If you are easily bored, or are always looking for ‘the next best thing’ then this is probably not a good choice. You wouldn’t even last long enough to experience a fraction of what the game has to offer.


If you decide to try it out, I can’t stress enough how important it is to study the economy and play accordingly. Knowledge is power in this game so don’t take your research lightly.

Planet Calypso Ten Year Anniversary

Good Luck, and Have Fun!

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  • Thanks Narfi. Good intro and overview of the game stages. For those who are interested in a persuasive argument on why if you like MMORPG’s you should maintain an EU account, this is a link to an article I wrote not too long ago.

  • Good one, Narfi. Enabled by in-depth understanding of the game it’s more comprehensive and factually right than most other articles about the Entropia Universe.

  • That indeed a very nice review there Narfi. Good to finally see one that does not kick down the game without trying to play it for a few months first.

  • xenon

    so rude to delate people comments.anyway gl to all new players all game is player vs player

    • Not sure what you had deleted, but figured I could comment on what I do see 😀
      There are areas of the game that are pvp, but a majority of the game is PVE and safe from other players. I am not a PKer and still feel that the balance between the pve and pvp areas is pretty well done.

  • Wollongong

    Nice read Narfi!

  • MindStar9

    Excellent job Narfi, the best I’ve seen so far, bar none, and I appreciate the effort you put forth to develop this informative piece of work. Your content is straight forward without a lot of fluff, and I have to agree that it gives great understanding of Entropia Universe, even though we know there is so much more to explore. You’ve given a great introduction, and hopefully it will inspire many to explore the possibilities.

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    Great article Narfi, and great to see my vid up there too! I hope it inspires 🙂

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    Very nice review indeed Narfi 🙂 I could have wished for more action in the video sequence but other than that I am very impressed.

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    Nice article!

  • salty

    The article is well written and factual. The game has so many opportunities for individuals as well as investor groups. I have played the game continually for the past 3 1/2 years. I have done all three of the main professions (crafting, mining, & hunting) and feel that hunting is a great place for a new player to start out with their avatar. From this profession you can talk with others, join a society and learn about mining and than crafting. Some activities in the game will cost PED (project entropia dollars) and some will earn PED for you. More than likely you will need to find a balance to fund your activities but rest assured your visual experience, social activities and interest in the game dynamics will keep you coming back time and time again.

    I am part of BIG Industries and Entropia Life We have created this site as a guide to help new players enter the game and learn the complexity of what Entropia Universe has to offer players from around the world. The possibilities are endless and we are pleased to announce a player sponsored event where we are giving back $100,000 Project Entropia Dollars (PED) to Entropia Universe players. May 1st – June 15th 2013. The $10,000 USD that is being given out in PED is a direct result of hard work and dedication to the player base that gives so much to the community. We hope to see everyone from seasoned veterans to new avatars enjoy everything that this game has to offer!

    Thanks to Narfi again for a great article. Good Luck out there and hope to see you all soon in game!

    Grimyth Salty

  • Let’s put it this way, this is a game you should play if you have a ton of money and don’t know what to do with it, if you are broke however walk away now.

    • well Alex, there you are wrong. This game can be played for no or little money. If you put the money you would pay for playing some other MMO out there with a monthly subscription into the game, it is very possible to play and enjoy this game. It is however very different then any other MMO out there and you should not expect to have uber skills and gear in a few weeks (or even months or years). Sure people put a lot of money into the game if they have it, but there is a playing style for people that don’t do that as well.

      • Actually razer I’ve played this game for years, and you can play it without money ONLY if you want to sweat for literally years, and after that still have nothing to show for it, because there is nothing else to do, if you try to go somewhere you will keep getting killed because you have no armor, or alternatively if you had armor burn up all your money trying to repair it for the same reason. When you say something make sure you actually know what you’re talking about because clearly in this case you don’t.

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    Pay to grind in shitty gameplay. Try and kiss elit payers ass… No thanks. Probably the most pathetic gaming community alive. Eve takes second and PWI third.

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    My only dismay about the game is the amount of times I have dropped bombs in mining is that I have as yet to h it any thing worth while. I started playing this game 10 years ago when only Calypso was the one and only planet. I have put a lot of my own money Into this game and would like to know a reason for my incapability to hit anything of value when I see so many others hit it big not just once but many times. The question is what am I doing wrong. How can a new player hit it big and I ,an active player, get nothing. Frustration is setting in and can’t believe the bad luck I have had playing. The answer must be somewhere.

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