Prime World Open Beta Weekend and Four New Modes

This weekend Nival is opening testing of their unique RPG MOBA Prime World with three days of testing and four modes never before shown on the western servers!

Challenge Mode

Prepare to enter a battle against the AI in this tower defense style mode. Check out our E3 demo for a better look.

 Prime World Native Land

Native Land

Utilize the flag terrain pushing feature to its fullest in this mode. Set on the Borderlands 5v5 map, whenever any hero is standing on their native terrain, they will receive massive damage and survivability bonuses along with speed and regen.

 Prime World Switcharoo


Ready to learn a new hero but can’t decide on who? Switcharoo throws one of your teammates’ hero your way to learn their build and hero on the fly. May the best adapting team win!

 Prime World Zombie Invasion


Incoming zombie MOBA mode! Kill off enemy units to build an army of undead to overwhelm your enemies. Killing enemy heroes will net you a chance of earning even more powerful zombies to build hordes. With multiple lanes in the mix, how will you stem the undead?

 Prime World Dragon

All these modes will be on rotation this weekend so head over to their site and sign-up for an account now!

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