Ragachak’s E3 2018 Winners and Losers

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - E3 2018 - Nintendo Switch - YouTube

Okay, so E3 is officially over. That’s not just a dream I had, right? I disagree vehemently with this decision to make half of the important announcements over the weekend, but that’s the timeline we’re in. Overall, I did not find myself bowled over by this year’s announcements. There were spots here and there that made me gasp with excitement but as a whole? Eh. It was okay. In particular, Nintendo, Square-Enix and Sony all had terribly lackluster presentations. I get it, they wait for the Japanese shows like TGS, because they’re Japanese companies. I understand, it makes sense, but people were desperately waiting for Final Fantasy XV-2: Battle Royale Edition and Final Fantasy X-3: Auron’s Day Out, and received nothing of the sort. Maybe those are just what I was waiting to see though. . . The biggest news? Smash Bros. Ultimate. Every. Single. Character. RIDLEY IS IN. Daisy is in (as an Echo)! Inkling is in! I guess! I wrote a whole piece about why that’s amazing, right over here. I also wanted to briefly touch on Spider-Man, because that’s going to be a blast. I’m not big on Sandbox titles, but it’s worth mentioning, cause it’ll be awesome.

Please note that these are opinions stated by Ragachak. 

The Good:

While MMOHuts has to focus mostly on Online Gaming, over here it’s a whole different ballgame. There are way more things to talk about for OnRPG, so I’m going to talk about the stuff I’m excited about, and some stuff that maybe. . . Not so much. It’s going to be a very exciting year for video games, and though I wasn’t blown away by the show as a whole, there are a pile of games that I absolutely cannot wait for. Let’s start strong, with the ol’ Ultraviolence. Doom: Eternal, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Sure, Smash is going to be amazing, and their community will still, without a doubt, crap all over it because that’s what fighting game communities do, the biggest announcements could be these two. Wolfenstein: Youngblood takes place in the current timeline (Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, et al), and is a co-op Wolfenstein game. That means you can team up and murder Nazis with a friend! You play as BJ’s twin daughters and one seems to be up close and personal and one seems to be a sniper, but I imagine you can play however you like. Then we have a sequel to the latest Doom (2016) title. I’m always down to murder more Demons. Way more demons, lots of new ways to kill them, and Cacaodemons have arms now. When Quakecon rolls around, I’m sure we’ll learn more, but man. Doom. Love me some Doom.

How could I possibly forget Dragon Quest XI? That’s another I’m insanely excited for. It’s a mainline Dragon Quest title, and we haven’t seen one in quite some time. I’m bummed there wasn’t more (RE: anything) about Dragon Quest Builders 2, but that’s what TGS is for, I suppose. Dragon Quest X was the last “mainline” title, and it was an MMO that Japan didn’t even have the heart to share with us. I’m not bitter, honest. I’m not bitter. You know, not much. Some other sites have prattled on about how it’s going to be a typical, standard fantasy RPG, and you know what? That’s fine! It’s Dragon Quest – you know exactly what you’re in for, and that’s what their fans want. Dragon Quest fans aren’t howling for new, updated graphics, sixteen endings, and a pile of DLC chapters. They want adorable enemies, a ridiculously challenging final boss, and a hokey storyline. Friendship, exploration, stuff like that. We’re going to get what we’re after, and it’s going to be beautiful. There’s a really good reason that Dragon Quest is the most popular RPG franchise in Japan.

Another Square-Enix title I’m pumped for is Octopath Travler. There is no way I could forget this one. It’s a sprite/pixel turn-based strategy game with that 16bit style I love with more modern technology. Character classes, a gripping story, I am waiting for Octopath with baited breath. I don’t really know a lot about the first “Beyond Good and Evil”, but I will say that the trailer and gameplay on offer was beautiful. I’m excited to learn more, but what they teased promises a lot. The last game I want to focus on as something that could be a sleeper hit is Maneater. I’ve described it more than once as “Jaws for the Gamecube but good”, and that’s probably the most apt description there is. You play as a shark, consuming violently wildlife and people, and evolving. Do I really have to say much more than that? If “play as a shark and eat stuff” doesn’t appeal to you, I don’t know what else I can offer. However, it’s time for everyone’s favorite part of these: Where I pick apart your favorite announcements with disdain!

The Bad:

There weren’t as many “bads” this year as there are things I’m indifferent to. I think the worst thing I saw the entire show sadly, belonged to Square-Enix. The Quiet Man I guess is about a deaf man that goes around kicking the crap out of people and … delivering takeout? I’m not really sure what’s going on there, but it was definitely strange. The acting in the trailer felt awkward and clunky, the gameplay seemed pretty standard for a sandbox beat ’em up. We’ll just have to see where that one goes. But let’s get down to something that’s going to surely upset: I’m less than excited for Jump Force. I love anime/manga, and I love Shonen Jump. Does anyone even remember the last Jump game that came out, and it was 3D? Of course, you don’t, because no one bloody played it! So they’re going to up the ante just a bit more. Sure, it looks neat, but I think it could have been so much better as a 2D anime fighter, that actually, you know, looked like the anime/manga it came from! Drawn in the correct style, instead of given this 3D makeover. I am sure the game itself will be fun, but eh. Pretty disappointed by that one, I won’t lie to you guys.

The Indifferent:

Kingdom Hearts 3. I’m not sorry, guys. But I was never a KH fan to start with. But the delays upon delays upon delays, I feel like there is absolutely no way it will live up to the hype that was built. And why introduce Frozen footage here? I think they should have gone with a franchise that everyone loves, and not “a lot of people” love. I’m not saying it’s going to be bad, so please don’t flood my Facebook Messenger or Twitter about it, I am just personally not excited at all. Will I play it, and probably even review it? Smart money is on “Yes”.  But I’m not feeling any measure of hype after something like 10 years. I’ve said it before and will no doubt have to again, but without the Square-Enix characters, I’d probably have fallen in love with Kingdom Hearts also. But Setzer Gabbiani, legendary gambler, and owner of the worlds only airship, as a beach bully? Come on man. He deserves better than that. Devil May Cry 5 is also on this list, sorry friends. It looks like it’s going to be insane, and will probably be awesome fun. But as someone who never really got into the DMC franchise, I’m not really feeling anyway about it. Maybe I’ll sit down with the earlier games, and it might change my mind. Forza, FIFA, and Madden are also on this list. I’m sure all of these games for their fans will be awesome, but I don’t get the appeal, I’m sorry to say.

There are simply so many things to cover from E3 this year, and I don’t really have the space or time to dissect them all. There’s lots of stuff I’m cautiously optimistic about, Babylon’s Fall, Battletoads, Nioh 2 as just a couple of examples. There were simply so. many. games this year! What about you? What did you enjoy, what let you down? Are you afraid/excited that Halo Infinite might be a Battle Royale/Open-World Destiny experience? I’d love to know about it below!

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