Rising Lords: Everything You Need To Know About Rising Lords

Rising Lords

Game development studio Argonwood has revealed its tactical medieval strategy game Rising Lords for PC via Steam. Rising Lords puts gaming minds to the test through turn-based strategy that implement card and board game-based mechanics with classic action sequences.

What is Rising Lords?
Rising Lords is a medieval turn-based strategy game with card and board game elements. Players can send their serfs to fight and die in their names or let them prosper, and use them to an advantage! The game is split between the overview map for grand strategy and the dynamic battle maps where you use troops and cards.

What can players do in the game?
As a lord or lady in the fictional medieval realm of Aubelin, players are given full control to rise their territories and lead serf armies. Players can collect taxes and resources from their constituents, dictate food rations and field work for their workers, forge weapons for war, reshape the battlefield, raise armies, and build mighty fortified cities. With free will decision-making mechanics, players can give their people knighthood or dump them on a battlefield far away. Though be warned, even the humblest peasants can revolt and then march against you! Battles are fought on a hex field with different units with specific abilities and advantages. Use morale and terrain bonuses and
powerful skill cards to best your enemy.

Can I customize my player to be different?
Yes! Players can tailor their leader’s looks, gather items and adapt skills to their own tastes.

Is there multiplayer?
Yes. You can play online battles or scenarios comparable to HOMM or Civ in style. Play with friends and/or add AI enemies! The best part: Everyone can act at the same time on the strategy map, without having to hurry for that “first click first serve” mechanic. note: is it ok/allowed/ does it make sense at all to mention other franchises here?

The initial Launch is for Windows, Linux and Mac are planned.

When will the game launch?
Presumably towards the End of this year. Alpha and Beta phases are planned. So any interested gamer and turn-based strategy enthusiasts will have enough chances to test the game before release! You can join the newsletter and get regular alpha access keys.


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