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Questions by Michael Sagoe (Mikedot), OnRPG Journalist

It’s time to return to the front… The soldier front, that is.

Released back in 2004 and 2006, Korean game developer ‘Dragonfly’ released a military style FPS title called “Soldier Front” (which is better known as “Special Force” in eastern territories). While the game strikes much resemblance to another popular military shooter at the time (Valve’s “Counter-Strike”), it contained unique features including character customization, unique weapons and more.  Years later, they released a highly anticipated sequel for South Korea in 2011. Using Unreal Engine 3 technology, the game boasted impressive graphics, high quality audio and faster paced gameplay over its predecessor.

Now in 2013, Aeria Games is hosting an English version of Soldier Front 2, which has now gone into closed beta. While the game may be a huge leap forward from the original, a lot has changed within those years, with the gaming market now knee deep in military-style FPS titles. Does Soldier Front 2 have something that will make it stand out from the pack? I sought out the lead producer of the game to find out more.

Soldier Front 2

OnRPG: Hello there! My name is Michael Sagoe, long-time contributor for OnRPG, but you can call me Mikedot. Before we begin, would you care to introduce yourselves to the readers?

Hi Michael, my name is Dylan Barnes, I’m an associate producer working on and happily playing Soldier Front 2.

OnRPG: What makes Soldier Front 2 stand out from all the hundreds of Military-style FPS titles already on the market?

The game has a lot to offer to players of all types; whether you’re looking for some quick action, competitive strategic play, or survival-oriented gameplay, there’s something for you.  There are also unique modes for players such Hero, a MOBA-style mode utilizing FPS elements. All in all there will be over 10 modes by or shortly after launch. There’s definitely something for everyone, especially if you like to switch things up while you play.

OnRPG: What aspects in Soldier Front 2 would you say stays true to its predecessor?

Picking just one that stood out to me is map design. Soldier Front did a great job with map design and creating a competitive environment that keeps players on their toes regardless of the style of map. Soldier Front 2 carries this on and you’ll find that the maps are very dynamic and allow people to stay unpredictable in their strategies.

Original Soldier Front players can also expect a lot of the same basics, such as carrying multiple loadouts of weapons into a game, earning in-game currency to purchase a variety of gear and weapons to customize their play style, and of course some familiar fan-favorite maps.

OnRPG: How many maps and game modes will be available in the upcoming beta test? How many will be available at launch?

The beta has 12 maps and 6 game modes available, with more coming at launch and soon after as well.

Soldier Front 2

OnRPG: Tell us a bit more about the game’s Party and Hero modes.

Hero mode is built like a MOBA wherein there are 3 lanes with automated turrets and Xanthids (AI monsters) that spawn regularly and push down the lane towards enemy territory. The players can kill other players, Xanthids, or turrets to earn experience and money which they can then spend on weapons and upgrades. The goal is to destroy the turrets to expose and destroy the enemy’s main building. It’s definitely been something fun and new for us at the Aeria office; we hope the players love it as well.

There are a few party modes coming soon, but what is available right now is the Shatter mode. Shatter is pure frenzied fun, featuring a few walls, three levels of glass floors, random power-ups, and a long drop to a pit of spikes. Players can kill each other with weapons, or more alternatively shoot the glass out from beneath them and drop them into the spike pit. This mode is a great source of laughter and a solid go-to for a quick bit of fun.

Another Party mode coming soon is Manhunt, where a team of humans faces off against a team of player-controlled Xanthids. The human side is standard play, but the Xanthid side features three options: a melee assassin that can cloak and regenerate its own health, a speedy self-sacrificing bomber, and a ranged acid spitter.

Soldier Front 2

OnRPG: How would you describe the game’s pacing?

On an individual basis the pacing will depend on what the player is looking for. For some quick and easy action a player can hop into a deathmatch on a small map or play a Party mode map. For more strategic and calculated action, a player can play a mode with objectives such as Seizure, Sabotage, and Hero mode.

The game itself is quick to get into but not so quick to master. Right away a player will get access to a great variety of weapons, but to really perfect their play they have to rank up and complete some challenges to find the perfect combination that works for their play style.

OnRPG: Does the game feature a matchmaking system that will balance out the newbies from the pros?

Standard play does not feature a matchmaking system, but various channel restrictions will prevent pros from being able to dominate new players. Additionally, there will be a match making system specifically for clans to foster a competitive clan environment.

Soldier Front 2

OnRPG: What kind of customization options will be available?

Players can select their starting characters from different special forces, customize their gear, and of course customize their weapons. Weapon tags are also available to etch text into guns. Players can also customize their weapons beyond the basic model by unlocking altered versions of them, such as a different scope or adjustments to stats. For example, a player could opt to take a lower clip size in exchange for a lower gun weight.

OnRPG: During my play sessions, the maps I played on seemed to be very small, which allowed for some nice close quarters action, but is there a chance that maps with more wide open environments will be available?

You can definitely expect a large variation in map types, both in wide open maps as well as close-quarters combat. Our goal is to make sure that players of all types can find a favorite map/mode that works well for their play style.

OnRPG: Will players of the original Soldier Front earn any kind of special rewards for playing Soldier Front 2?

There will be some special events for Soldier Front players, and many of them were also hand selected for our early access phase in Soldier Front 2.

OnRPG: So the game will feature a VIP service. What kind of perks and benefits will players get from being a VIP member?

The VIP system is still being worked on, but some perks include access to exclusive skinned weapons and experience boosts for everyone playing in a VIP’s room.

Soldier Front 2 Car Cover

OnRPG: So when will the first beta test for Soldier Front 2 take place?

Closed beta just went live! Players can go to to download the client and play. (Editor’s Note: You can now snag an Elite Soldier Pack at our giveaway page!)

OnRPG: Any other comments that you would like to add?

Hope to see you in game – we’re always looking for new soldiers!

OnRPG: Thank you for your time!

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