Striker’s Edge Review

By Vincent Haoson (Ojogo)

Striker’s Edge is a pixel-designed dodgebrawl game from Fun Punch Games. The game puts you in control of one of eight fictional heroes which are loosely-based from the other fictional warriors in human history.

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As one of the eight in the hero roster, you’ll be participating in either 1v1 or 2v2 arena-based matches. These arenas are segregated into two sides horizontally. Players need to whittle down their opponent’s HP down to 0 by successfully hitting their opponents with spears, arrows, axes, or spells, depending on the chosen hero.

The game has both online and local multiplayer, and the game will eventually have a ranked game system later on. Striker’s Edge also has a very brief story mode for all eight playable heroes which explains their back-story a bit. I actually liked how the story mode has characters’ story intersect, which makes you feel like there’s a bigger world out there.

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Twitch Integration

One of Striker’s Edge more interesting game features is the Twitch feature integration for Twitch streamers. This feature provides viewers the opportunity to affect matches by allowing viewers to vote among the eight features they’d like their streamer to have in-game. Aside from affecting the pre-match effects, viewers can actually hop into the game and participate as one of the audience in online matches. The audience can cheer their streamer and have them actually throw flowers on the field, or, they can boo their streamer and throw tomatoes at them in-game.

While this isn’t really revolutionary since there are emerging games that have similar voting features like SOS, I like how Fun Punch provides a more interactive role for audience since they can actually jump into the game along with their streamer.

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Starting streamers on the other hand don’t have to worry if they don’t have an active set of viewers though, because it seems like anyone who’s voted in the stream will and can vote, even the broadcaster themselves. Though I admit that this kind of defeats the purpose for having this kind of feature in-game, but at least this pretty much allows even small streamers to enjoy this game feature.

I’ve tried playing around with this game feature with my own Twitch channel, and depending on the viewers I’ve had, games could be ridiculously hard, but fun. I loved how the votes can really throw you a curve ball especially when you’d expect the game mode to go one way, but then it goes another.

Also, I like how Fun Punch just made the Twitch matches just a fun way for streamers and their viewers can just have fun and interact as they play the game.

If you’re a streamer who’s trying to find a game that you can play to interact with audiences with, Striker’s Edge is a game that definitely fits that niche.

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Moving on to the game’s core gameplay mechanic, battling in arenas. Striker’s Edge doesn’t disappoint. Matches can get intense real early and the limited options force players to not just be creative in their strategies, but also require players to actually have great game mechanics and game sense.

I also like how Fun Punch Games provide players a handful of options with the heroes. Even with the limited 8-man (woman) roster, the heroes have a good variety of gameplay styles that some heroes don’t feel like a carbon copy of another. Their special attacks are pretty varied, and you are given with a great selection of heroes to main.

However, I’ve had issues finding players to play against in online mode. Being matched with players takes a long while. My first two attempts to get into the online matches took about 10 minutes before I decided to drop the idea getting matched. It’s probably like this now with my location being in east Asia and most of the player base are in the EU and US. Being a game where interest hinges heavily on being able to matchmake real fast, this can be a problem especially if players can’t jump into games as easily.

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Active Community

One of the things I do appreciate is that Striker’s Edge has a really active and solid community. Fun Punch Games is also really active in trying to communicate and interact with the community so it shows that the developers aren’t just making a game and dropping it upon release.

Sound and Design

Striker’s Edge uses a 16-bit design and the music itself follows accordingly. It’s visually appealing and it’s great that the game loads really fast. The game’s sounds on the other hand keep you hyped up, but it does tend to be a bit grating if you’ve been playing the game for a while.

The game has a novelty and old-school feel, and its overall design fits how the game is trying to portray itself.

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Conclusion: Great (4/5)
The interactive feature provides a great opportunity for streamers to interact and be part of the fun. However, matchmaking needs work especially for players within the Asian region.

Overall, Striker’s Edge is a game that has a lot of potential as both a local and online multiplayer game. The matches are fast enough for people to get into, and I can see people having fun playing the 2v2 matches locally. Fun Punch Games still needs to work on the online aspect of the game with matchmaking taking longer than it should. Especially since the game is going to have ranked matches, really long matchmaking queue will really kill the buzz for the game.

Still, Striker’s Edge is a fun and enjoyable game to play even with the simple gameplay I can see myself playing the game with friends from hours till end. Even with the online matchmaking issues, the game is still a solid local multiplayer game.

With the game getting its own ranked ladder, you’re going to keep on coming back to the game for a good solid few months.

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