TERA Celebrates One-Year Western Anniversary

TERA Anniversary

En Masse Entertainment™, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering fun and innovative online games, is pleased to celebrate the first anniversary of TERA. The game launched in North America on May 1, 2012 to much fanfare. TERA offers a true action MMORPG experience by featuring a real-time contextual action combat system, and has established a dedicated community of fans over the past 12 months with over 1.5 million registered users. En Masse Entertainment re-launched the game under a subscription-free model in early 2013 as TERA: Rising, the next evolution of the award-winning action MMORPG.


For players who have wondered what the most popular race in TERA is, how many players of each class have died in PvP battle or how many monsters have been killed in-game (hint: it’s a lot!), En Masse Entertainment has released an all-new infographic to quench the fans’ curiosity. Other statistics, such as percentage breakdowns of character class and sex, most deadly enemies, auction item records and number of guilds in the game have also been revealed.


En Masse is also celebrating TERA’s first birthday with a host of in-game events in TERA: Rising throughout the month of May. Fans are invited to take place in all events, including a loading screen contest which will feature winning fan submissions as loading screens in the game, daily in-game tasks which reward players with raffle items, a new 10- and 20-person Kelsaik raid and in-game mystery boxes filled with rare and valuable prizes. For more information, visit: tera.enmasse.com.


TERA: Rising continues to thrive a year on from its inception, and En Masse is dedicated to keeping the game updated with fresh content and features. Upcoming content for the near future includes an expansive 20v20 battleground that asks players to defend and control strongholds with the aid of tanks, cannons and airships, and the introduction of the innovative, player-driven alliance system, scheduled for summer 2013.


The recipient of multiple industry accolades, including “Best PC Game” at E3, “Best Combat” at PAX, and our recent 1st prize of best F2P MMORPG on the Market, TERA gives players the best of both worlds: MMO depth delivered with the visceral gratification of an action game. In TERA: Rising, players actively aim, dodge and block, as the game’s real-time combat system takes into account player skill and position as well as stats. Players join a united federation to save the world and can also participate in the game’s forward-thinking political system, through which they wield power based on their in-game political prowess or PvP combat skill. New players can enjoy standard status for free with no level cap or content restrictions. Anyone who purchased the game will gain permanent founder status with special privileges. Elite status is available for players who want to further customize their gameplay experience.

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