TERA Prepares for Political War with Alliance Update

Rumbles of this day have reverberated through TERA news coverage since prior to launch. And now at last En Masse Entertainment is preparing for the “Alliance” update for its action MMO, TERA: Rising. Allied warfare will rise to the next level with the introduction of factions, the Exarch political system, new zones, and powerful new gear and weapons. With over 2 million TERA: Rising players and an active community that’s growing every day, the stage is now set for the ultimate political drama to unfold.
With the Alliance update, TERA: Rising evolves its innovative political system, by allowing guilds to now join forces via three new factions headquartered in major cities throughout the world: the Free Traders Collective in Velika, the Enlightened Union in Allemantheia, and the Iron Order in Kaiator.



As a member of an Alliance, players will do battle with new enemies and allies in three new instanced zones called Alliance Territories. In these battlegrounds, players will attack and defend their respective fortresses for great rewards. In addition, players can earn Contribution Points or steal Noctenium resources to obtain powerful Alliance gear, including new combat items such as flash grenades and invisibility potions.

The Alliance update for TERA: Rising is set to launch on August 13, 2013.

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