TheRPGValkyries’ Speedrun Ragnarok to Benefit ‘Take This’

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

TheRPGValkyries - Twitch

There are few things more enjoyable to me than gaming for a good cause. Thanks to my horrific Internet issues, I’ve missed the first half of this speedrun marathon, so I wasn’t really able to report on it (posting has been an absolute nightmare), but now things are returning to normal, so let’s talk! TheRPGValkyries are a Twitch Stream with several members that bring quality speedruns, great personality, and a variety of games played to the Internet at large. Back on October 7th, the speedrun marathon known as “Speedrun Ragnarok” began, where some truly terrific speedrunners got together to play games for a good cause. We’ve covered “Take This” here on OnRPG before, but let’s break it down right fast. Take This is a charity that focuses on mental disorders and mental illness, and to reduce the stigma of mental illness. One of the big things they do is to go to bigger conventions and offer “safe spaces” where peace and quiet can be found for people that are stressed and overwhelmed by being surrounded by so many people, to find their calm again. I know myself and my boss have used them at Pax on a few occasions, because being surrounded like that can be overwhelming, on top of the work we’re already doing.

So donations are being taken by TheRPGValkyries, and for some of the runs (EG: FF IV Free Enterprise), people can donate towards particular things to make games more difficult or entertaining (names for characters in RPGs), and I think this is such a fantastic idea. The event is going on from October 7th until October 13th, and are playing some awesome games for a good cause. I’m about to donate what I can myself and I hope if you guys can, you will too. TheRPGValkyries are a very positive team of streamers of female/female-leaning RPG speedrunners who support good causes with charity streams. It’s a wholesome, welcoming environment and I never feel out of place hanging out in their streams. Right now, Sparkover’s doing a “Dragon Quest Any % No Manipulation” run, and some of the other runs that I’ve enjoyed have been caeshura/Yagamoth’s “Community Center Co-Op” run of Stardew Valley, Final Fantasy IV Free Enterprise, and Mother 2 “Any % Glitchless”. But you guys already know how much I love Mother and Final Fantasy IV. I had another idea for today’s post, but this stood out as a bigger thing to support. Complaining about the Lufia 2 remake can wait. If you can donate, please consider doing so at this link, and check out their schedule here.

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