Trion Thursday: Rift F2P Thoughts

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Trion Expert


Rift is going free to play.


Even though I heard about it right away I needed a bit of time for it to sink in. I’ve been watching all the news from Trion, and reading comments on the forums judging player’s reactions. All of this so I could figure out how I feel about it. Now, this is by no means my first F2P conversion. I was just as unsure that first time as I was about Rift’s announcement. The announcement came as a complete shock to me.

I’ve been playing since beta when a friend of mine who is now OnRPG writer Sephorus wouldn’t stop talking about it. Back then I was happy to just play City of Heroes and nothing more. I got a beta invite so I figured, what could it hurt? From the first rift I was hooked. Back around the launch I made a friendly prediction with a friend. He said Rift would go free to play within 2 years. He’s a huge advocate of the F2P system and someone who has worked in the MMO industry for some time now. At that time I was completely against F2P, you may as well have told me it was going P2W. Now, in the end I won, though I think at 2 years and 2 months its close enough we call it a draw.


I’m ready for the F2P conversion.


I’ll be honest with you, for about the last year I’ve been using Rift more for roleplay than actually completing quests. I love the world, I love my characters. I worship the ground Trion walks on for giving us Dimensions. But I’m not a raider, I’m not the sort that needs the best gear no matter what. So, I say Rift F2P? Bring it on.


It might seem a bit scary right now. There is a ton of information out there and it can be a bit confusing. Luckily, Trion is doing an amazing job. They’re extremely active on the forums, releasing dev diaries outlining themes like the Loyalty program, and every week they’re taking to Twitch to broadcast something new from Rift while usually taking a few questions while they’re at it.


If all the activity on the forums isn’t enough to convince you that this won’t be terrible then go ahead and log into the Public Test Shard where you can check out the changes for yourself. The PTS forums already have discussions on the store and of course we can’t forget that 2.3 will also be released which means all new content for long time fans.

New Outfit

The next planned broadcast that will go over details of the F2P conversion is next week. They’ll be talking about the new currency called REX, the Loyalty program, and how gifting will work. That will start at 1:30PM Pacific time on Friday May 31st.


For anyone who plans to continue being a subscriber, nothing is going to change. The worry about the quality of people won’t matter. At worst you’ll group up with people who aren’t as dedicated as you are. But you might just make some new friends too. The events we know and love will still be there. Getting an in game store means we will get new things more often, even if we do have to pay for them. It will be up to you if they’re worth it or not. And in turn Trion will take in more money than they do now, which again means more things for us. In the end it’s a win for us.

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    cant wait to log back on to my cleric.