Trove World Tour: Console Impressions

By Jason Parker (Ragachak)



It’s been a while since I’ve really focused on Trove!  Mostly because I think your average Voxel game is garbage. They’re just building simulators, and that’s boring. Trove is definitely not an average Voxel title. It’s got the grinding, exploring, and making new friends that I enjoy about MMOs, with a cute, colorful setting that doesn’t wind up looking like an MMO. You know what I mean. Everything else is the same damn, boring, gray color. Or in the case of World of Warcraft, green. Bright, sickening green. I love that color, but not when it’s everywhere. I enjoy Trove immensely, but I’m not so sure it felt right on PC. The PC always felt like a summer home, a beta test for what Trove was truly meant to become. When I was at PAX South, I saw the demo for PS4, and got to play it a little while I spent my time at the Trion Worlds booth. And I tell you, honest as can be: It felt perfect. Playing with a controller made it feel right at home. So today, I downloaded Trove on my PS4 and met up with a few of their developers [Andrew Krausnick, Executive Producer and Ted Sanger, Lead Animator] who took me around, and at first were going to give me the rundown of what Trove is. However, I’ve played before, and even recently! So we got to skip all that stuff, and get right down to the nitty-gritty. The parts that matter to me the most.


There will be no wipe for the Open Beta to Launch transition, and anyone who spends any money during the Open Beta will get a cool Legendary Dragon, Disaeon the Immortal, which is just a cool name to me. There are also Trion Worlds employees giving out cool unique mounts to PS4 and XBox One users. The thing I found that was interesting is that they’re playing on the servers with all the regular players, getting feedback, and looking at the game from the same eyes as the players. Some creations of the players even get into the regular PVP rotation. Speaking of which, you’ll be able to build PVP arenas inside of your clubhouses, and there will also be a cheaper clubhouse to build for those of you who want one just to store items.

Trove Tour Impressions 2

There’s a lot of changes coming to Trove too, such as improvements to inventory [more space I assume; God knows I need it], but that’s not the real big worry I had. One of the issues with games that are on both console/PC [MMOs in particular], is that content comes out earlier on PC, then a few weeks later on console. Trove’s launch on console will admittedly start behind PC. A late 2016 patch is where console starts. But there’s going to be a tremendous, gigantic, enormous patch to catch it up to the PC users. From there on, it will be content at the same time, and this is great. Now players who play on console won’t feel like they’re being ripped off, or behind.

Trove Tour Impressions 3

I had another query, but it wasn’t a worry, but a curiosity. The nature of cross-platform. Sadly, no, there will not be cross-platform, between PS4-PC, or Xbox One-PC. Instead, all Xbox One players and all PS4 players will be together on their own servers, playing with the same amount of progression. I think it’s for the best, though. They probably don’t want PC users giving an unnecessary advantage to a console or another if such a thing can even happen. Being able to explore, create classes [yes, that is a thing we discussed in the demo! Class creation is on the radar!], create my own dungeons, houses, or even worlds, and explore the works of others, that really appeals to me.


It’s going down in March, and I could not be more excited! Attendees at PAX East 2017 will be able to play the game for themselves, meet the developers, and score some sweet loot. Trove hasn’t been on my radar in a long time, but as soon as I played it on my friend’s Steam Machine [during PAX South], I knew that it would be perfect on a console. Between playing at PAX South, trying it on a Steam Machine, and then again on my PS4 at home? It is my expert opinion that the definitive version of Trove will be on the console. When I play an MMO on a console, I want it to be something I can just pick up, play, and then go do something else. I had a blast with the Trove team, and look forward to sitting down in my chair and playing Trove a lot more frequently. I think the current-gen audience will love it as well, whether they are veterans or new to the game!

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  • Endathel

    stop! i have enough on my.plate you bastard this looks fun too :’D

    • Ragachak

      That’s my job! I don’t play Voxel games most of the time. But Trove’s fucking fun.