Tyrian Times: Hate the Player, or the Game?

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Tyrian Reporter


No one can argue that making a legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2 doesn’t take a bit of time. Ok, more than just a bit. It can take months. But thanks to some websites like gw2nodes, the various dragon timers, the GW2 Karma calculator and a ton of other tools, this time can be cut down slightly. But some people oppose their existence all together. I recently ran into someone during a resourcing run in Orr who wished no one would use them because in their opinion it kills the economy and takes away from the overall enjoyment of the game. And though I tried to offer my thoughts on the matter I was just shrugged off as another defender of cheapening the game experience.

 Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapons

So why do I use them? I’ve been bit by the legendary bug. I’m currently working on getting The Juggernaut with the intention of getting at least 5 more over 12 characters. Basically I’m going to be at this the rest of my Guild Wars 2 life. Not that I’m complaining. But these things are time consuming.


Now, if I were to play the way the person from Orr suggested, I should only gather what I naturally come across in my normal day to day playing. Right now that would mean zero progress on my legendary. I’m not playing my 80 except for the living story, WvW, and doing my daily. But even my daily sees me jumping around the world to complete it. If I shouldn’t do that for gathering rare materials then should I do it to complete my daily? Ok, so now I can only gather and do my daily on my lower characters while I play normally. But I never play normally, I’m a roleplayer. If I’m playing then I’m walking through the world chatting with a number of people. So that automatically punishes me because I’m not going to see as much of the world so I’m not going to get as many resources.

 Guild Wars 2 Mesmer

Instead I like to dedicate an hour of my morning every day to completing the daily, work on the monthly if I need to before going to gw2node and making a quick run through the high level areas for the materials I need. The only way I have any impact on the game’s economy by doing so is that I’m not buying the materials, instead I get them myself. You never hear anyone say you shouldn’t plant a garden because it will harm your local grocery store. Anyway, here’s the way I see it. I get time to roleplay, play as I like to, do WvW, and still work on a legendary.

 Guild Wars 2 WvW

Oh sure, I could just save up the gold and buy one. But then I would end up farming. Which in my opinion is far worse for the game than using maps and other tools outside the game. At least this way I’m out in the world helping people who look like they’re in trouble. I help form a community by standing around waiting for Maw to start by chatting with people, sometimes about nothing at all.

 Guild Wars 2 Sylvari

In the end this is really all about the idea of there being a “right” way to play a game and a “wrong” way. Single player games run into this problem, not so much in MMOs. Especially an MMO like Guild Wars 2 which offers so many different ways to play. I personally hate PvP in nearly every game, including the SPvP in GW2. But I adore WvW. There is just something amazingly satisfying about joining a zerg. At the same time I can be a roleplayer who is after the best gear in the game and willing to grind out the dungeons to do so. The wonderful thing is that Guild Wars 2 let’s all those types of players co-exist, no matter what it is they’re into. No other MMO I play offers this. So maybe, just maybe there is a problem with the mentality of the player, not a problem with the game.

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