Ubisoft E3 2019 Conference Highlights

Ubi opened up their showcase with a sample of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed symphony world tour. As decent as it was, it fell to the wayside with the trailer that followed.

Watchdogs Legion will take place in London, and it goes way beyond anything the series has offered before. I’d offer you a description, but instead, check out this gameplay trailer. I will say, Helen is a badass, and this game appears to be scratching ALL my cyberpunk fancies. I’m ready to join the resistance.

“Grandad is using Crypto to buy a kidney on the black market.” The world of Watchdog Legion as described during the E3 conference.

Next, one of the executive producers of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia came on to announce a new TV show, based on developing video games, Mythic Quest. This show will be airing on Apple’s streaming service, Apple TV.

This was followed with some Adventure Time awesomeness: Finn the Human and friends will be joining Brawlhalla for some algebraic level magnificence.

Next, Jon Berenthal appeared in the trailer for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, which appears to show a rift in the Ghost ranks. Jon took the stage to talk about the game, and brought out his adorable pooch.

On September 5th, 2019, the closed beta for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint begins, but you can sign up now. We also got a little taste of gameplay in the We Are Brothers trailer.

We also got a trailer for a new mobile game: Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad.

Say what you will about Just Dance, its community is known for defying toxic gaming culture, and Dancers are celebrating its upcoming 10th birthday in style.

Next up was a teaser for Rainbow Six: Quarantine, which didn’t look at all like a Dying Light ripoff. Nope, not a bit.

A Division 2 studio rep came on next and announced between June 13th and 16th, The Division 2 is free to play. Episode 1, a new expansion with new main missions, and gameplay outside the city, will arrive in July. Episode 2, arriving this fall, will include missions in the Pentagon. Episode 3 will involve a manhunt, and will arrive early 2020.

UPlay Plus will be a subscription service and will be available on the new Stadia game streaming platform for $14.99/mo. The service will include ever Ubisoft title currently out, as well as early access to new titles.

We also saw a pair of trailers for the upcoming Roller Champions, a futuristic roller derby style game that looks sure to spawn an e-sports league.

And we got some gameplay goodness, too. I think this one looks fun.

That’s it for now, folks! Make sure to check our coverage of PC Gamer, Bethesda, and Microsoft‘s conferences, and stay tuned for Square Enix and all your E3 2019 news coverage!

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