Wakfu Introduces Guild Housing June 18th

Ankama is no stranger to the concept of housing in Wakfu. From launch they’ve included a portal housing system, the Haven-bag, that’s been one of the most convenient and cool systems in the MMO industry. But come June 18th they will be expanding this concept to the guild level to up the player rivalries in-game. The top tier factions will soon be able to battle it out for the limited rights to create, develop, and manage the first miniature Haven-Worlds.

 Wakfu Haven-World Update

“We’ve tried to give players the possibility to develop and cultivate virgin territory using all of the game’s elements, according to their desires. This was a big task because we had to anticipate problems of environmental balance that could rise. As these worlds are under the control of players themselves, they go further than existing housing systems and will impact the rest of the game”, explains Jérôme Echalard, WAKFU Lead game Designer. “Haven-Worlds are spaces entirely created by players for players. We’ve listened to the players’ advice carefully and used them in order to make this feature”.


Once a Haven-World is obtained through a bid system, a quite sizeable zone will be provided to guild members, which they’ll be able to kit out as they like by constructing numerous buildings. They’ll have the possibility to develop their crafting, farming, or even commerce activities; to organize events; host PvP battles; use it as a storage area…


It will be possible to personalize the buildings. Some will be blank and their interior can be customized in accordance with the purpose the guilds wish to give them (game room, book store…). Choices in the use of the territory will have very important consequences over the rest of the game since the buildings will give bonuses to players.


Each Haven-World, like each region, will have a Prims that can be attacked by other guilds starting in July. If the guild loses control of its Haven-World’s Prims, their Haven-World will only receive half of the bonuses. Therefore, guilds will try everything in their power to defend their Haven-World.


“We’ve tried to make it so that all players will have an interest in visiting these Haven-Worlds, even those who don’t have one”, adds Jérôme Echalard.

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