Webzen to end Service on SUN: Soul of the Ultimate Nation

Shortly after the announcement of branding changes to Gala-Net, Webzen has revealed that the final month of SUN: Soul of the Ultimate Nation begins now. The cash shop was closed earlier today and full service will be terminated on July 4th.

SUN Closure

Players that have spent money on cash shop items within the last 3 months will be compensated accordingly and can choose to transfer the value of their purchases to either Webzen, gpotato.com or gpotato.eu. More detailed information will be provided on June 19th but feel free to voice your thoughts on one of Webzen’s first titles in our forum thread.

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  • TheDifantOne

    i wish they would bring S.U.N back it was one of the best pvp/guilds game ever we need to get a petition started to get the game back running im sure there thousands of people who would return! if the game was relaunched

  • Bambstyle


    Sun comming back 😉