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By MerryQuiteContrary, OnRPG Azeroth Reporter


Another maintenance day has come and gone and patch 5.3 still isn’t live.  What we do have, however, is Children’s Week. So instead of waiting for ages on the PTR to join the new battleground or scenario I am bringing you Merry’s Guide to Children’s Week. Riveting stuff, I know.


Children’s Week is loosely based on the Japanese holiday of Children’s Day which happens around May 5th every year. The World of Warcraft’s version is an entire week ferrying around snot nosed mini orcs, blood elves, humans and draenei, all who have been made orphans due to numerous wars.  Luckily, they are all fairly well-mannered if a bit greedy.

World of Warcraft Children's Week 1

To start the event you will need to visit Stormwind or Orgrimmar.  The orphan matron will then give you a whistle to call forth your rug rat. Once you do this, the little snotling will have several quests for you to do.  All of these quests involve taking your mini me to various places around Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.  To start these series of quest you need to be level 10. The first sets of quests from Stormwind include visiting Sentinel Hill, Ironforge and Darnassus. From Orgrimmar you will need to travel to Ashara, Undercity and Mulgore.  Remember to call your pet if not out already when you reach your destination for the quest update.

World of Warcraft Children's Week quests

After these initial three quests your orphan will have two more quests for you. This is where you will want to get out the coin purse because the little bastard darling is going to want you to buy him/her things.  Head back to Stormwind and find Craggle Wobbletop or Orgrimmar and look for Blax Bottlerocket. They are both toy vendors. You’ve no doubt seen them around pushing about a little wagon full of toys.  Buy a Dragon Kite 2-pack and use. Next your orphan wants an ice cream. You will find the Orgrimmar vendor in the Goblin Slums and in Stormwind the Cone of Cold near the mage tower in the mage district. I would suggest doing this quest first because the last bit requires you to purchase a foam sword from the previous toy vendor.  Return to the matron for your reward of pet: piglet, rat, snail or turtle.

World of Warcraft Children's Week Orc

To start the Shattrath quest line next you need to be at least level 60. Go to the Lower City in Shattrath and find the Orphan Matron Mercy. She will give you either a draenei or blood elf whistle.  Whether you are horde or alliance you will take your orphan to the Dark Portal in Hellfire (this can be a bit fiddly to update). Alliance will visit the Ring of Observance in Terokkar Forest and then Aeris Landing in Nagrand while the horde will be sent to Throne of Elements in Nagrand and Sporegarr in Zangarmarsh.

World of Warcraft Children's Week Belf

For the second part of the quests in this series, Alliance will head to Exodar. After stopping by the Seat of Naru find Farseer Nobundo in the Crystal Hall.  Here you learn your little charge has the makings of a powerful shaman.  Caverns of Time will be your next stop where you will meet with the dragon, Zaladormu.  After a “scary” encounter with the guards, purchase a toy dragon from the Keepers of Time Quartermaster in the Caverns of Time. Finally, return to Orphan Matron Mercy for you choice of reward: Elekk training collar, Eggbert‘s Egg, Sleepy Willy (he has one eye), or Legs.

World of Warcraft Children's Week Willy

For Horde, the Cavern of Time quests are the same as are the rewards. The only difference is instead of going to Exodar you will take your little elfling to Silvermoon City.


If you haven’t had quite enough with all this running around yet you will be pleased to know there is yet another series – the Northrend series.  You will need to be level 70 to start these.  In Dalaran find Orphan Matron Aria (at the Eventide outside the “Alliance” bank) and talk to her. She will give you the choice between Little Roo, a baby Oracle, or Kekek, a wolvar puppy.  For the first quests in the Oracle line you will take Little Roo to Winterfin Retreat in Borean Tundra, Bronze Dragonshire in Dragonblight and then Grizzlemaw in Grizzly Hills.  After completing these three quests, Roo wants to see Alexstrasza at the top of Wyrmrest Temple. Next head to Scholazar Basin and take the waypoint to Shaper’s Terrace. Finally, go back to Dalaran and buy Little Roo a small paper airplane from the Wonderworks.  Use the airplane then speak to Orphan Matron Aria. Wait a few minutes and you will receive a Curious Oracle Hatchling in the mail with a rather sweet note attached.

World of Warcraft Children's Week Oracle

If you choose to go with the Wolvar pup the difference in the first quests of the series is that instead of going to Winterfin Retreat you will take Kekek to Snowfall Glade. The second set of quests requires the same trip to see Alexstrasza but Kekek will go to Hemet Nesingwary rather than the Shaper’s Terrace. After stopping by the Wonderworks in Dalaran and then speaking to the Orphan Matron you will have your very own Curious Wolvar Pup (in the mail).


There isn’t anything to do with your orphan in Pandaria or even the Cataclysm zones which means Children’s Week is in serious need of updating as with most of WoW’s holidays.  There are several achievements that can be completed with your orphan however.  The achievement that used to take three years, Veteran Nanny, can now be done, if you have three characters that can complete the Shattrath series, in one week  thanks to bind on account pets and achievements.


There is an enormous amount of travelling in this holiday event.  My top tip would be to roll a mage. As with the Pilgrim’s Bounty event, mages can make a lot of gold offering their portal services. Even if you aren’t willing to pimp your mage out, having one will save you loads of time if you plan on doing the entire Children’s Week quests.

World of Warcraft Children's Week 2

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