Entropia Universe: Planet Cyrene Tour

Entropia Universe: Planet Cyrene Tour

By Narfi, OnRPG Guest Writer



After an invitation by the development team at Digital Scryers, I got a chance to explore Planet Cyrene, their new game within the Entropia Universe.



I flew to Cyrene from another planet and landed near a huge Coliseum at the base of a large waterfall guarded by marble statues.



Cyrene is currently in its ‘soft launch’ stage, which means that players can go there and play but that a lot of the content has been limited until they are ready to release it all.  Because of this, I was not surprised to find very few people on the planet, but I can certainly see the potential for this planet when it goes live.



Everywhere I went, I found a plethora of low-level monsters which seem designed for new players to fight and skill against. I especially like the low-level monsters that are physically big.  I remember when I started playing I felt more satisfaction from killing something big even if it was technically easier than one of the physically smaller mobs.



Having played in the Universe for 4 years now, I started looking for the biggest, baddest monsters I could find. There is nothing I enjoy more than finding a new monster that takes me a few tries to defeat.  Having talked to friends who had already explored Cyrene, I started looking for the Fenris Dock Guardian.



Before I found it though, I found another beast which distracted me for a while.



The Mature Rhino Beatle doesn’t sound scary until you see it. It’s HUGE and hits hard too.



It was a lucky distraction for me too.  After killing only a few of them, I got my first global on Cyrene!



124PED = $12.40USD I won on that kill, not bad for a short hunt.



One of the key things that set Cyrene apart from the other Planets in Entropia Universe is its PVP arenas at the ‘The Hub.’



While it is kind of hard to PVP in a game without any population yet, I still went and explored the area to see what it was all about.



Here is a video a buddy of mine at MindStar Media made introducing The Hub.



When entering The Hub, everyone is temporarily set to the same HP and stats as well as having all outside armor/weapons/etc… unequipped.



When in The Hub everyone is equal, this allows for fast-paced and fair PVP matches.  Each arena has a fee to enter ranging from 25PEC (2.5 cents) to 10PED (1 dollar) and you are awarded 80% of that for each kill you make until you die. So assuming you practice and are good enough to kill 2 other players for every time you die, you will be profiting (pay 25PEC, win 20+20PEC = 15PEC profit by the time you die).



We aren’t talking big money here, it’s just micro-transactions, but the potential is there for either cheap play, or even small profits.



I did not have time to explore the mining and crafting during my short time there. I talked to multiple NPCs though who asked me to mine different resources for them, so I know it will play a big part in the game.



To understand Cyrene and its strengths and weaknesses, you really need to understand the platform it was designed for.  The planet being developed within the Entropia Universe means that they develop the graphics, storylines, items, quests, etc.  However, the game mechanics themselves are the same as on every other planet in the universe.



A few things to know about Entropia Universe before you can fully understand its complexity:


-Began beta in 2001 and went Gold in 2003.  It has been around for over a decade and still actively updating and expanding.


-Based on an RCE (Real Cash Economy), the game is free to download and free to play, but everything you win or buy in the game can be sold for PED (Project Entropia Dollars), which is the in-game currency which can be legally deposited and withdrawn from your real life accounts.


-The Universe currently has 5 development studios developing/maintaining planets each with its own theme. There are more expected in the near future.


-Sometimes referred to as the ‘Ultimate Sandbox Game,’ there are no restrictions to where you can go or what you can do.  The skill system is open and anything you do awards you skills in that area.



After a few hours of exploring on my own, Ed Robles III, Creative Director of Cyrene, met up with me and we chatted about the game for a while.



I have been following the development of the planet since I first heard about it, and having seen concept art of spacecraft a year or so ago, I asked him about that first.



He told me that they do in fact have spacecraft developed and ready to implement, but that they will wait a while until the population gets larger.  This is something I will keep my eyes open for since space has always been fascinating to me and my goals in-game are to own one of the larger spacecraft (to the extent that I am currently participating in a 6month grind event to hopefully win one).



While we were talking about vehicles in the game, he told me that he had a surprise for me, and opened up a trade window and gave me the first of their next line of flying vehicles yet to be discovered in the game.



The Lancer v1 (L) seems to be faster and much more responsive than helicopters from the other planets. I had a lot of fun flying it around and showing it off to a few of my friends later.



Ed tells me that the blueprints for this ship are in the loot pool now and he is surprised that no one has discovered them yet.



Besides The Hub, which is an area unique to Cyrene in the Universe, I was really impressed with their plans and what they have ready once they go live and have an active population.



Currently there are 3 server areas open to explore, but they have multiple servers already developed and waiting to be implemented, each with new mobs, quests, and items, including armor and weapons.  These areas are ready to be unlocked by players who will affect the storyline with their actions and play. He mentioned a few areas ready to be unlocked, ‘The Zyn Lands,’ ‘The Icelands to the North,’ a ‘Desert and Stone’ server to the West, and another possible rainforest to the East.



Once discovered this will make the map pretty big, and I am sure by then there will be instances and other additions as well.



I will have more time in August, so hopefully they will have their full launch by then, and I will go and explore some more. Maybe I will do some of the daily quests or try to collect the parts to put together a set of armor. If you want to learn more about this unique game, feel free to check out my dedicated blog at http://www.cashplanets.com/.



Good Luck wherever you are, and have fun!


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