Epic Duel Review: A Real Duel That’s EPIC

Epic Duel Review: A Real Duel That’s EPIC
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Epic Duel is a turn based fighting game, which you can play in the comforts of your web browser. The game runs on flash format and has an awesome set of visuals to back it up. What makes this game special is its simple yet fun method of game play. It’s always fun to whack enemy players along the way, so PVP enthusiasts may actually have a lot of fun playing this game. Take it as a more interactive version of My Brute, which is also a flash based fighting game that doesn’t give the players the ability to control their characters. So how EPIC is Epic Duel? Guess we’re about to find out…


Create Your Epic Duelist

There are three different classes in the game, each with their own fighting style and skill set. The Mercenary acts as the tank-ish warrior in the game, with a high damage output and utility skills such as buffs and healing magic, which boosts their efficacy in close quarter combat. The Tech Mage, otherwise known as the resident mage is your everyday spell nuker. They don’t get as many vitality points as the Mercenary but can be quite a threat when ignored. Finally, we have the Bounty Hunter who acts as the rogue (in terms of vitality and damage) in the game. They have a low attack power but often strike in installments, allowing them to cause massive damage on a single turn. Players will have a fun time customizing their duelists as the game provides a hefty character creation interface that allows them to edit the finer details of their avatars. Each gender also differs in terms of hairstyles and gear, making it less dull in terms of visuals.


Epic Duel


Starting Up

I have to say, I was utterly confused after catapulting myself onto my first 2-on-2 due to the lack of tutorials in the game. The bright side however is that the game has a very short learning curve, allowing players to adapt easily even after being randomly thrown in their game.


2-on-2 Duels? It’s So EPIC!!!

The object of the game is beat the living buhjeezus out of your opponent/ opponents with your created character and their provided talents. The best part about this game is that it allows you to team up with another player randomly to fight against 2 other players. You can always slug it out in a one-on-one duel to the death, but why? The more, the “EPIC-ER”. I’m not sure if it’s just luck, but the game seems to bring balance to each map, teaming a newbie player along with a highbie to avoid newb-rape. This makes the game a lot more balanced, allowing level 1 players to keep up with high level players. You can also invite players to a duel simply by clicking on them, but do make sure that you don’t just challenge everyone you see (unless you want to be smothered by epic highbies).


Skill Trees and Attributes

Another awesome feature is the skill tree. Like most MMOs, players can customize their skill tree or at least its method of progression as they level up. There’s a little shortage regarding the skills provided in the game but they do differ in terms of power when you level them up individually. The game also lets players customize their character’s attributes or stats, allowing them to fit their users play style.




Less Tier-Whoring?

If you want to be on top you’ll need a lot of power, and what better way to get more UMPH in your punch than to visit the item mall? Yes, the game has a pretty big item mall, with enough armor sets and weapons to let players customize their character to the fullest. Some powerful items can be acquired simply by completing quests/missions so buying from the item mall will only speed up the process. It’s a good thing since item mall hoggers won’t necessarily be unstoppable in the long run. Balance?


Achievements And Other Extras

One reason why players find it hard to stop playing is the presence of achievements. The game doesn’t really have much to offer in terms of game play variety, but it’s really hard to stop when you’re on the verge of unlocking these medals. Achievements serve as the player’s trophy, allowing them to keep track of their accomplishments in the game. A very simple system, yes, but definitely something that increases re-play value.




Tired of walking around? Weird enough, the game features an array of emoticons that you can use for the lulz. Not that anyone can see you do it, as most of the conversations I’ve had took place in between battles.


Graphics and Interface

The game actually makes use of its flash elements well. The characters breathe, attack, and defend in perfect animation. The background looks absolutely awesome as well, with its semi cartoony property that works well with the game’s futuristic fighter theme. Items and equipment also look different from one another (that’s one way of avoiding clones).


 The Verdict

I would have to say that Epic Duel is a casual game of epic proportions. It’s simple and easy to learn, allowing players to quickly adapt upon playing. The graphics are really good and makes total use of the flash engine provided. Fighting random people is actually pretty fun. Perhaps my only gripe about this game is that the game would probably a hell of a lot better with sounds. It’s kinda hard to appreciate the hard-hitting visuals without real BOOMs backing it up. It’s weird really. The game features an ENABLE sound effects options, but the only sound I heard was from clicking on the menu. Irrelevance issue? Still, I would say that this is a game worth playing. If you’re looking for something to play, possibly something brainless and fun at the same time, then this game is for you.


– Highly Addictive
– Matchmaking is pretty fast
– Different weapons and armor sets to choose from
– Easy to learn
– Character customization
– Awesome visuals
– Achievements.


– Lacks other methods of game play (it’s just one-on-one or two-on-two).
– Useless emoticons (they should’ve just enabled this option while fighting).
– Lack of tutorials (then again, who needs them?).

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