Eredan iTCG: It’s Time to Deal

Eredan iTCG: It’s Time to Deal



Eredan is a turn based trading card game played in your browser. In this game you can face opponents in a duel with your own deck of cards. The goal in Eredan is to eliminate the opponent’s deck using your own deck made out of different characters and magic cards.




The decks are based around Guilds. Character cards are associated with different guild notations such as Kotoba, Mages, Noz’Dingard and Zil Warriors. There are Mercenaries character as well, these characters are not in a guild and can be used in every deck. You can however not use different guilds in one deck.




There are different classes in this game and they all have unique Abilities. There a character cards of the following classes:








These classes have all their unique abilities with unique stats. There is also a Multi-Class, this class consists of two of the normal classes together.



Before facing your opponent each player receives 5 cards in their hand. These cards help buffer your selected character’s stats. You are able to have three characters in your deck for a match. These characters have to be the same guild or mixed up with mercenaries. Each round consists of five phases. Player turn order is randomly chosen by the computer and then players choose which characters will be used in that round.



In the second phase each player can play one of the five cards they have on hand. A few of these cards have to word Chain on it. If the player decides to pick this card he can select a second card. There can be however some restrictions on this process as marked on the cards.



In the third phase the character cards do both their physical attacks. The damage dealt is calculated by his own and the opponent’s card Attack and Defense. There are many differences between characters and therefore all kinds of different stats are compared, such as: Attack, Defense, Life points, Spirit and Magic damage. If at the end of this phase a character card has 0 health left, it is considered dead and removed from the match.



In the fourth phase the character card involved in the previous combat are tagged. Character cards can be tagged when they have been engaged in a battle with another card. Once all the character cards have been in a battle they will all become untagged and are ready to fight again. However being tagged doesn’t protect a card from being targeted by healing, damage, or magic  spells.



In the fifth and last step players can discard their cards that are remaining in their hand. They can discard all cards if they want to but there’s a catch to it. Your deck is limited so tossing out too many cards too early can severely hinder your performance in the final rounds of a match.



The game comes to an end as soon as one of the players has lost all three of their character cards.


Cash shop

The currency in Eredan is Crystals and is earned by playing matches and completing quests. There is however also a currency which you can buy with real money. This currency is called Fee’z and can be purchased through standard methods as well as by cell phone.



Overall Eredan doesn’t do a lot, but what it does it does well. It is a tactical game where strategy and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your deck play a major role in your victory or defeat. I personally am not a big fan of trading card games but this game kept me captivated longer than most. Unfortunately the game’s population is low and sometimes it takes a few minutes to find an opponent. This is however a must try for trading card game fans, and I hope the population improves as it deserves more players than it has.

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