Escape from Tarkov Gains More Lore with a Book Series

Escape from Tarkov novels

Great news for Escape from Tarkov fans: There’s lore in the form of a book series, authored by Alexander Kontorovich, entitled Predator! It was published a month ago in Russia and is available to players from Russia and former Soviet countries at the official website of the game. It tells the story of a regular system administrator who has challenged the dangerous world of Tarkov and eventually becomes a part of it. The book is presently being translated into other languages (English, German, Polish, French and Chinese) and the official translation can be expected as early as March or April of 2018. The events of the book let us dive deeper into the game setting and ambiance, allowing to learn more about the place where the conflict is taking place, the events that triggered it and the people who became the victims of the circumstances and now strive to survive within the increasing chaos. The first book is mostly about Scavs. We are already working with many authors and the series is going to be quite large.

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