Eternal Blade Dev Diary: Enchanting System

Eternal Blade Dev Diary: Enchantment System

By StirFryRobot, gPotato Representative



Going off of last week’s theme, we will be introducing yet another way to spice up your equipment with the presentation of our *queue drum roll*



Enchantment System.

Throughout your adventures in Eternal Blade, some of the items you come to find will have the ability to receive special Enchantments, gifting them with additional stat bonuses. Not all weapons you find will be able to be enchanted and whether or not a weapon may receive an enchantment will be specified with either “Able to Grant” or “Unable to Grant“.



In order to place an Enchantment on your weapon, you must first visit the Dice King. The Dice King is a magic blob monster who will imbue your select items with these magic properties.




When I told the Dice King about this week’s Fairytale Friday topic, he said he wanted to explain the Enchantment System himself! Take it away, Dice King.


Happy Summertime Hello, Dice Friends!

Do you want good weapons? Better weapons? BEST weapons? Then you bring them to Dice King, best for cheap! Dice King sees the hidden potential of silly swords and staffs that are too shy to tell you how much sharpest and much fastest they can be. You put them in Dice King’s belly, and look see! I give them a good jiggle for a tiny fee.


Look what I did! Do you like most? You can change again if you do not. Change can be done over and over and over and over, cheap and easy for you to improve all weapons without losing precious gems or stones. You want to keep those later, Dice King thinks.


Do observe: Dice King loves you very much, but no refunds! If you want more change, you give more gold. Dice King has many thrones to buy so he can greet you properly in every town. Make sure you say “Hello!” to Dice King when you’re there! Good travel-times, Dice Friends – I want to meet you again!



Uhm… thanks, Dice King! Like he said, in order to reveal the hidden stats on your weapon, simply place them into the Dice King’s belly and pay him a fee to reroll the weapon’s bonus stats. Don’t let the Dice King squeeze all the money out of you, though! Remember that the fee is based on the quality of your weapon, so make sure you have enough money to afford the upgrades.



The list of possible stats thus far are as follows:

Attack Speed – Increases the speed of attack

Focus – Increases Stamina and MP Recovery rates

Life Leech – Steals HP each hit

Mana Leech – Steals MP each hit

Accuracy – Increases chance to land a successful attack on a target

Battle Power – Increases overall attack power

Critical Hit Accuracy – Increases the chance to land a successful critical hit

Magic Damage Amplification – Increases the damage of magic based attacks



As you can tell from the list above, there are quite a few stats to be revealed on your weapons. Coupled with the other upgrade systems currently present, players will have quite a degree of freedom in their character customization process. Tanks may aim to stack Amethysts for a health boost as well as place Life Leech on their weapons to continue to replenish lost HP, while the DPS might strive for as much Crit Accuracy as possible to land those big damage dealing blows. Below is an example of a sword awoken with a nice Crit Accuracy bonus.



Take care Bladers and stay tuned for further dev diaries to be released every week leading up to launch!

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