Eternal Blade Dev Diary: Tellos Forest

Eternal Blade Dev Diary: Tellos Forest

With special guest host The Archer



Namaste! Welcome to Eternal Blade‘s Fairytale Series #18, everyone. I hope you don’t mind if I step in for this week’s introduction to Tellos Forest, since it’s one of my favorite areas. As an Archer, I spend a lot of time there, practicing my archery and trapping skills.



(By the way, did you know that 18 is considered a very lucky number in China? It means that you will prosper! I hope you all have prosperous and happy weekends.)


Tellos Forest



Tellos Forest is a zone with many different towns, fields, and dungeons in it. The variety of geography in these areas is just wonderful, from the quiet river stream to the dream-like cherry blossom forest. It’s a shame that such dangerous monsters have started taking over, don’t you think?



Marietta’s Farm


Fortunately, the people around here are keeping their spirits up. My new friend Marietta is a good example. She and her father have a small farm in the forest. I helped them fight off the monsters who were threatening their fields and Marietta helped me find a way to travel safely to Reata.





You may remember Reata from previous Fairytale Fridays. It’s the first town you see, and it’s full of wonderfully nice people. To be honest, I don’t really like being in towns – I prefer the solitude of the forest – but a lot of those people needed help so I found myself coming there a lot.



Murai’s Den


One of the villagers asked for my help with the Murai, leader of the rai creatures. Years and years ago, these creatures tried to attack Reata and lost. They were driven back into the crystal caves they came from, and they lived there quietly for a long time. Then Darkhold invaded the world and started attacking human villages, too! The Murai grew jealous of their success and decided to lead her people into battle again. She’s a very tough opponent, so watch out for her Totem of Anger!



Cherry Blossom Forest


I also had to defend the Cherry Blossom Forest from those who would harm it. Cherries bloom year round in this beautiful forest, thanks to an ancient magic that attracts large amounts of ether. There are some who would control this power for their own purposes, but natural essences like the ones in this forest should never be controlled by outside forces. Even The Soul Summoner recognizes that.



Frost Hill


There are many wonderful places to discover in Tellos Forest, and I hope that one day you’ll come and visit them all. Even with all of the monsters running around lately, it’s still a beautiful area and my favorite place to spend time. Safe trails and nature’s blessings, everyone!

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