Eternal Blade Dev Diary: Upgrade System

Eternal Blade Dev Diary: Upgrade System

By StirFry Robot, gPotato Representative



Enhancement System

A few weeks ago gPotato began revealing some of the ways in which Eternal Blade will allow you to customize your weapons and characters with the introduction of our Jewel Socketing System. This week I will be covering another way to strengthen your equipment: the Enhancement System!


While increasing specific stats with various jewels is great, sometimes you just want to upgrade your weapon as a whole. With the Enhancement System, you will be able to increase the overall power of your weapons and improve any existing stat bonuses the weapon already granted.



Enhancement Stones

The ability to enhance your weapons is granted by items known as Enhancement Stones. Enhancement Stones are collected from defeated monsters or created through an “Equipment Desctruction” option, which allows you to break down equipment you don’t need. Breaking down equipment rewards you with various upgrade materials, including the Enhancement Stones. The better the equipment’s grade, the better the upgrade materials you receive.


Depending on your item’s level, you will require different types of Enhancement Stones. Currently there are 4 types of Enhancement Stones which you will be using to upgrade your equipment.



The List of stone types is as follows:

Silver Enhancement Stone

Cerulean Enhancement Stone

Maroon Enhancement Stone

Onyx Enhancement


Enhancing Items

Once you have the necessary stone type to enhance your items, simply pay a visit to your local blacksmith to continue the upgrading process. Items can be safely upgraded to +5 by only using these enhancement stones.



With each subsequent upgrade, your weapon will also gain an increasingly brighter and more intricate glow effect.





Like I said: after +5, there is a small chance that an unsuccessful upgrade will cause the item to break. You can prevent this using an Enhancement Stabilizer, but it is optional. The most likely result of a failed upgrade is that the item de-levels or simply stays at the same level. The system is designed to be very accessible, so upgrade away!



Take care Bladers and stay tuned for further dev diaries to be released every Friday leading up to launch!

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