Eudemons Interview: The Divine Path

Questions by Rick Charbs, Onrpg writer
Answered by Song Wang, Game Designer
With Eudemon’s latest expansion: The Divine Path’s release, a new storyline and some interesting new content will be available to all users! ‘‘Well, in this expansion we have prepared several new features for our players, including new regions, new monsters, new skills and new quests…’’ said Song Wang, game designer of Eudemons. Planned for full release on May 8th, get ready for new features such as the Apotheosis and Godship status!
Onrpg: Congratulations on your near-release of Eudemon’s latest expansion: The Divine Path! What have your ambitions been to publically introduce this expansion?
Thank you very much. Since its release in 2006, Eudemons Online has been doing pretty well in both the domestic and  international markets. Currently we have published 5 language versions for this game. As the industry is getting more and more competitive, we recognized that it was critical to add something fresh to keep the in-game community vibrant. Therefore, we announced the new expansion, The Divine Path, this Feb.
Onrpg: What kind of work was involved in making this great addition possible? What do you expect of its success?
We had to think of some extras to add to the game while keeping it balanced so that all the current players will find the game they have come to love but also a new level of enjoyment with the expansion.
Onrpg: What core features will The Divine Path add to the game?
Well, in this expansion we have prepared several new features for our players, including new regions, new monsters, new skills and new quests… Among all these features, the most important one is the Apotheosis system, which can grant players with god-like power in the universe of EO.
Onrpg: Does this expansion provide an addition to the game’s storyline?
Sure. The theme of the expansion is about well-known ancient Greek mythology. The Twelve Olympians will descend to the mortal world, and seek their chosen warriors among the top adventurers of Yartland. The adventurers will be able to explore the mysterious Divine Realm, receive a series of new quests and have a glimpse at the stories behind these deities.
Onrpg: Could you please explain the Apotheosis system for us? What improvements does Apotheosis have on a eudemon?
In the expansion, players will have a chance to obtain the divine power – the Godship from the deities. However, they have to pass the test called Apotheosis. To reach the ritual spot, adventurers must defeat the deities’ servants guarding the 5 shrines. After the Apotheosis ritual, adventurers are allowed to obtain only one type of Godship. Meanwhile their eudemons will also evolve into Divine Eudmons with a new exclusive attribute.
Onrpg: Do you have any rough estimate as to when this major update will take place?
Well, the preliminary release date for the expansion is May 8th, and we will start the major resource update around the end of April.
Onrpg: Could you please offer us a little more insight on Godship?
Sure. The Godship represents the divine prowess of the Twelve Olympicans. There are 4 types of Godship, representing the different characteristics of the Twelve Olympians: Passion, Valor, Wisdom and Loyalty. Adventurers are allowed to obtain only one Godship in their lifetime.
Onrpg: What kinds of benefits and abilities players will receive upon obtaining Godship?
The Godship does not simply equate to combat skills. It allows players to perform various community interactions. The Valor Godship can be utter monkey business, like turning someone annoying into a donkey or a doggy. With the Wisdom Godship, you can award other adventurers with extra experience, or even invincibility in battle. The Loyalty Godship can enhance the bond between you and your eudemons.
Meanwhile, the Godship will help adventurers to learn different XP skills according to their class. With this divine XP skill, you can wreck havoc upon your opponents.
Onrpg: Eudemons features new events weekly. What are some of the intriguing events you have held in the past?
For the community, we have constantly provided various special quests on major festivals, such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s and Easter Day. Also we hold offline and online competitions, allowing players to use their skills at art, writing, forum scouring, or general knowledge to win in-game items.
Onrpg: The Recruit Quests is an interesting ongoing event. What are these quests, and what rewards do they hold?
The Recruit Quests will help new arrivals to learn the systems and functions of the world better. During the quest series, players can get experience and other rewareds, so that you can explore the Eudemons world more easily.
Onrpg: How thoroughly can players customize their characters in Eudemons?
In Eudemons, players can choose different hairstyles, garments and gear to decorate their characters. Moreover, you can raise and train various types of eudemons to customize at higher levels. There are over 100 kinds of eudemons in EO, and each has a unique appearance and attribute. Most eudemons can fight alongside you in battle, while some types can be mounted like a horse.
Onrpg: What are some of the most unique features of the game?
Apparently the eudemon system is one of the most unique features of the game. Apart from it, I would say the PVP System. The Eudemons is a PVP oriented game in which you can encounter other players in most maps. In such a harsh situation, players have to find a good mentor or join a strong legion for protection.
Also there is a unique Battle Power system to decide players’ prowess. The Battle Power is an attribute calculated by the level, gear, eudemons and even social relationship. It has a critical impact on your character’s performance in combat with monsters or other players.
Onrpg: Could you please give us a brief overview on the game world and its terrain?
The universe of Eudemons is set in a western-styled mythical world, called Yartland. The continent contains various types of landscapes, plain, forest, desert, and icy land. Players can explore the forgotten history on this vast land and challenge monsters and other players.
Onrpg: What is your favorite Eudemon and why?
Hmm. Personally, I quite fancy Saint Bear. It’s cool and I like to ride tandem on it with my in-game spouse.
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