Everquest Review: Godlike After Years

By Kei Beneza (Dividelife), Onrpg writer

Being one of the first MMOs to ever hit the gaming screen, I could say that nothing is as good and satisfying as EverQuest. If I may use the term, I would say that this game used to be the World of Warcraft (WoW) of the gaming industry. Nothing immerses fans into the land of Role Playing better than EverQuest. Back then, this game’s graphics were ‘GODLIKE’, especially since the game has a lot of creeps walkin around which was quite unlikely for a game. The world was quite spectacular, with areas that gradually changes as you run further to explore new places within the game. You’ll be amazed at how big the world is. The game is so big you’d probably have a hard time exploring. Not to worry though; the more places you see, the more areas you tend to enjoy. That’s a lot better that goin through the same places over and over again cuz that’s just downright linear.

EverQuest review starting in three….. two…… one…….

What do I pick?!

Unlike most MMOs (and yes I mean most of them), EverQuest offers players a variety of race and class combinations. If you’re familiar with Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), then I say you’ll probably be overly satisfied with the game’s Character Creation features. There are sixteen races to choose from, and the classes are pretty much the same as the old basic D&D classes. Each race has their own town (/village or whatever you wanna call it) where your newly made character will start his journey.

There are 16 default classes in the game. Other races and classes however can be added to your list after buying some of the expansions (yes the game has those too). If I’m correct, this game has the most broad form of character creation in MMO history. You don’t really have to worry about getting a tank for your party since there are plenty of tanks to go around (different classes too). The game pretty much has a lot of each, whether it’d be nukers or range attackers. Like I said, the game’s practically GOD when it comes to character creation.

All hail…. uhh…. my Lord?

Aside from the races and classes, EverQuest lets players pick a deity whom they wish to worship. Worshiping deities can give you a lot of useful benefits. Some of the equipments in the game are tied to a specific god so make sure you pick the right one if ever you have a particular armor in mind. Gods also hinder you from entering places that are influenced by their rival gods. A drag I know, but heck at least I get to wear the armor.

Good day kind sir –OMG PWN

EverQuest is a game that revolves around roleplay (or in general at least). Everything else has been provided for players who are looking for the best role playing experience. Towns, deities, a bunch of classes, what more could you ask for? Like any MMO, this game lets you run raids, do trades, and of course join guilds. For an old MMO, it’s quite dated when it comes to the features (then again, this game may be the innovator of those features to begin with).

The game also has quests that help you progress faster. No these quests aren’t ‘grindy’. I’d even say that this game has the best Quests overall.

I need someone to…

While on their early levels, characters are able to go through obstacles on their own. Things however, become harder and harder as you progress through the game. It’s probably a good way for people to exercise the massively multiplayer part of the acronym. Joining parties make it a lot easier due to the buffs and of course the extra help. If you want to get something done without having to die so often, then I suggest you find a party and fast.

Astonishingly Beautiful

First of all, the visuals were quite good back then during its time. I was quite surprised how it managed to reach today’s gamers. No doubt that EverQuest is a breakthrough in MMO history. You can even use the first person view mode to get you closer to the action (remember that this was way back in 1999). You can probably call it World of Warcraft’s father of all its merits. 

It’s a sure bet that this game’s graphics wont win against today’s MMO rpgs. One thing is for sure though; when it comes to their own respective timeline, this game beats all.

Turn it up!

One thing that makes you feel the power of role playing is of course the BGM and sound effects. The ingame music tends to blend with the ambiance most of the time. This of course means that it is close to being nonexistent while people are busy whacking monsters. In my book however, bgms are supposed to blend in with the ambiance to not sound like it’s being played through the media player. More points for the father of MMOs.

The verdict

Classic’s are often the best of the best. Not that it’s elitism talking, but rather their influence. These games are responsible for the new MMOs that we’re currently playing today. Whether it’s free to play or pay to play, nothing can ever change the fact that these things came from one primordial pool (which is of course the classics).

The visuals are really nice, considering the fact that this game has been around for more than 10 years. Getting to play with people on your dial up connection has never been this good. The fact that you get to enhance your features by purchasing expansions has always been good, cause this means that the game is continuously evolving. Character creation is Godlike, especially since it caters more classes than any other MMO in history. Getting to raid dungeons in MMOs has always been a treat, and this game is pretty much loaded with dungeons.

This is no ordinary MMO, this is a legend. So if you wanna play something good, then this game should be at the top of your list. Definitely the best of its kind.

The Good:
-excellent character creation interface

The Bad:
-sounds lack the extra oomph
-horrific graphics.

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