Face of Mankind Dev Diary: Dramatic Changes Coming

Face of Manking Dev Diary: Dramatic Changes in the Pipeline

By Dev Oblivious, Nexeon Representative



Face of Mankind is excited to announce several major new features, bringing its unique open world gameplay to the next level! Already a one of a kind experience with its player run factions including law enforcement, guns for hire and mega-corporations, political conflict, and civil unrest this slew of new content means you won’t have a chance to breath as you fight through the world of the Dominion, whether it be the battle of a politician, diplomat or a soldier.


Wars, Expedited

The breakneck speed of Face Of Mankind’s real time, third person shooter combat system is now matched by the new world takeover system. Be on your guard, lest your enemies wrest your colony from under your control – or even better, get to them first.


Cash In On Your Dissent

Activism and crime have never been so effective. Be a member of the Guardians, and help your faction force a colony’s owner to lower their taxes. Or resort to a life of crime and help your fellow Brotherhood member’s traffic illicit goods. Do it right, and even remove all semblance of law.



Be An Entrepreneur

The Public Apartment feature allows you to open up to the world at large. Charge an entry fee, only allow your friends, or host an underground dueling club – the possibilities are entirely up to you.




Time To Play Dress Up

No more restrictions – get in gear with all factions armor and clothing, despite whichever one you’re in. New armor attributes ensure that you’ll be trying out all kinds of gear to find what suits you best.



Be sure to check out the full developer’s blog for an in-depth explanation of the upcoming features in patch – http://forums.faceofmankind.com/entry.php?12-Developer-s-Blog-5-29-2012



With a steady stream of new features and an experience that is truly one of a kind, now is the best time there is to check out Face of Mankind. Look us up, and we’ll see you in the worlds of the Dominion! http://www.faceofmankind.com/

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