Face of Mankind Dev Diary: World Takeover

Face of Mankind Dev Diary: World Takeover

By Dev Oblivious, Nexeon Representative




This week we would like to talk to all of you about the final battle system that will be released in the next patch. This is a revision that we think all of you will enjoy and are definitely looking forward to showing it to you. The new system is one that will favor activity over inactivity, and create an obvious risk for owning several colonies.



— Takeover Process —

– Military Activity –

Military Activity or MA, will now be gained in a much more controlled and predictable way. Instead of creating a campaign and building the MA until the final battle starts, factions will begin with a 25% MA value. From the moment the goal is created, MA will drop at a static pace until it hits 0%. Once it hits 0%, the goal will automatically be deleted. To negate this, the attacking faction will have to perform activities on the colony to gain MA.


– Hacking: As with the previous system, military activity will be able to be gained through the hacking of objects. Each object will carry a static increase value, requiring the ownership of a certain number of objects to negate the static decrease, and create a static increase.


– Population: The second factor is a static gain based on the number of members on the colony. This factor will be relative, meaning the goal is to maintain a higher population on the colony than your opposition. A higher relative population for the attackers, will increase the static increase, where a higher relative population for the defenders will increase the static decrease.


– Battle Intervals –

Instead of a single, hour long battle, at the very end of a campaign, there will be three battles at set MA intervals. These will be instantly triggered once the MA has reached the required threshold. The actual mechanic of winning the battle will be almost the same, involving holding an objective for a certain amount of time. Losing one of these battles will cause an instant loss of 50% MA, while winning will allow the campaign to continue.


– Battle One (50% Military Activity):
The first battle will take place over most of the colony. It is meant as a large scale war that will encompass the entire colony and be an initial test of tactics and strength for the attackers. The objective of this will be the Energy Nodes of the colony. Players will have to hold the Energy Nodes for the duration of the battle to win. If this campaign is lost by the attackers and 50% MA is drained, the goal will instantly be deleted.


– Battle Two (75% Military Activity):
The second battle is a more precise battle, with its objective being the Power Plants of the colony. This battle is meant to centralize combat more, moving closer towards absolute colony takeover. Losing 50% of your military activity in this battle will force you to start the campaign over, while not making you pay the goal creation fee again.


– Battle Three (100% Military Activity):
The third battle marks the last stand of the owning faction. The objective of this battle is the Colony Control, and most of the fighting will be centered around it. Losing 50% Military Activity from this battle will place the attacking faction at 50%, immediately starting Battle One.


— Contract Military Activity —

Currently, the role of the Mercenaries of The Blood in warfare just amounts to mindlessly killing enemies of the contracting faction. Their actual ability to assist is heavily limited, as they are not actually a member of the contracting faction. With this patch, a new “World Takeover” contract type will be created. Only allowed by the Rank 7 of a faction, this contract will cause the cell to act as members of their contractors faction. This means that all actions related to takeover goals will become theirs, and they will gain penalty points according to the faction stances of the contracting faction. This contract will pay directly from the faction funds and will be time based, rather than objective based.



— World Royalty Distribution —

Right now the owning faction will receive 50% of the world royalties by default. With these revisions to the Final Battle system, we believe that it will also be necessary to change this slightly to create a small penalty to endless warfare. With each successful battle, more of the 50% ownership royalties will be taken from the owning faction and given to the victor. In the case of multiple factions having completed tiers of battle, the percentage lost will be split among them. Each consecutive battle will allocate 1/6 of the world income to the winning faction, giving them the total 50% after completing the campaign.



— Associated Cost —

There is a very heavy financial risk involved with creating a takeover goal. On top of the deduction for having a faction set to enemies, each goal deducts 10% of the previous days income from today’s income. With this, war becomes something to be avoided. From most wars, a faction will lose roughly 36% of their income. 16% to the Law Enforcement Department and Freedom Defense Corps, then 20% for the enemies and takeover goal. To negate this, and add a second penalty to constantly dropping campaigns, the 10% cost per goal will be removed and replaced with a one-time fee deducted when the goal is created.

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