Fairyland is a MMORPG that you will never have a bored moment while playing it.During the beginning from level one to ten you do not have a specific class.Once you reach level 10 you can choose from many different classes like swordsman,monk,mage,trainer, and many others.Along with leveling up and doing quests you can do different jobs like harvesting,fishing,making swords and shields,and others.

During battle you can choose to be alone or you can have your pet along side you helping you.Pets range from lady bugs to dragons.There are three races to choose from, human,elf,or dwarf.Humans are well balanced in everything,elves have high int because most elves are mages,and dwarves have high strength.At level 20 you can help out and fight in the war.If you do that then you get a lot of money and items,some can be rare items.

Graphics are decent as well as gameplay.People in game are nice to you sometimes,but some can be real unfriendly.Overall i give this game a 6.

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